Christmas is just around the corner, but what should you give mom, dad, partner, and your best friend as presents? Every year this question is asked again and again because one would like to give original and special presents. Gifts are also a joy for the giver, especially if it was the right gift in the end and the joy is great. Online you can find on many websites already gift categories filled with gifts for every wallet and every family member. Just this year the shopping behavior will probably move more towards online shopping, which can also have its advantages, as these gift categories. Nevertheless, the search for the right gift can sometimes be nerve-wracking and exhausting, if you do not have the right gift idea or are looking for something very specific. Gift-giving should be something beautiful and not just a nerve-racking task, so we have collected a few ideas for you, with which you can do nothing wrong! Whether for mom, dad, boyfriend, or best friend, in our Gift Guide you will hopefully find the right gift for everyone. Even little things that don’t cost as much can be found further down in the article.

Of course, you can also make your own Christmas presents, no matter if you want to make Christmas presents for men or your girlfriend, making your own presents for Christmas is always a nice idea. This gives your gift a very special and personal touch.

Christmas gift ideas DIY

Self-made gifts for the partner and Co. make not only the dearest one a joy but the givers often as well because the gifts are often very personal. For example, you can design photo books yourself. This is very easy to do on many sites on the Internet, or you just print out the photos and put them into a photo book yourself. This is not only fun, but you can also indulge in wonderful memories.

If you want to spend less effort, or just don’t have enough photos for a whole album, vouchers for common activities, like an excursion or a candlelight dinner are also nice and simple gift ideas to make yourself.

Vouchers can either be printed out directly from various providers or you can simply make your own. Instructions for beautiful vouchers can be found on Pinterest.

Also wellness gifts like face masks for your best friend are great gifts under the Christmas tree. For this you only need a few ingredients, which you can find in every supermarket. Recipes for homemade face masks can also be found on the blog.

I can especially recommend the beautiful homemade gift ideas from my friend Luisa. On her blog Schere Leim Papier there are great DIY gifts for family and friends to discover.

Gift Ideas Christmas for Women

Gift ideas for the mom

You are still looking for a Christmas present for mom? We all love our Mothers and at Christmas, we can give them something back with good and cool presents for Mothers. Whether a nice high-quality bag, jewelry or cosmetics, with these gift ideas for mom at Christmas you are guaranteed to be the favorite child this year.

Christmas gifts for the best friend

Christmas presents for the best friend are of course just as important as the Christmas present for mom! Beautiful Christmas presents for your friends are for example presents for relaxation and recreation, like face masks, body peelings or caring hand cream. We have picked out a few wellness and beauty gifts for women that your girlfriend or mom will definitely like. Otherwise, why not give yourself something for Christmas and spoil yourself with these beauty gifts.

Technology Gift Ideas

You want to give useful gifts for women this year? Whether as mom’s Christmas gift idea or Christmas gift idea for the best friend, technology gifts for women are very trendy this year. Who says that you can only give technology to men! Christmas presents with technology can be for example hair dryers or hair straighteners and which woman does not need at least one of these items? With these gifts, you can give useful gadgets, which everyone needs at some point.

Gifts Decoration

Useful are also gifts for decoration! Decorative Christmas gifts for women can be found in many places on the Internet and to make it easier for you to find the right decorative gifts, we have selected a few of our favorites! We all have this one friend who is totally into decorating and always has the latest decoration elements at home. This year you can keep up with her and be prepared with beautiful decoration gift ideas. Maybe one or the other piece will find a place in your home, we bought one of these as well!

Small Christmas gifts for women

You want to make your friends happy and give them a little something for Christmas? Or say thank you to your favorite work colleague before the Christmas vacation? Here you will find ideas for small Christmas gifts that are easy on your wallet but still bring joy.

You can find more great ideas at Onvacay. How about a cute shell friendship bracelet or a Bali Bag for some summer vibes at home?

Decoration and kitchen gifts from

At you will find lovely gift ideas from Bali and Vietnam, so a vacation mood is guaranteed! For decoration fans, we have beautiful natural decoration elements, like straw baskets and painted coconut shells. Also cooking fans will definitely find what they are looking for here, from teak bowls to coconut cooking cutlery you will find some nice gift ideas at Onvacay.

Presents for cooking fans

Kitchen gifts may sound boring at first, but we have found some original gifts for the kitchen that you can use to make almost anyone happy! Kitchen gifts are not only for cooking fans but for everyone. No matter if you are looking for high-quality glasses, an original coffee maker, milk frother for the perfect caffe latte or practical containers and tins for the sandwich to go, you will find our kitchen utensils gifts here.

Gift ideas from

Also in our online store for trendy styles made in europe you will find cool Christmas presents for women and men. From comfortable and stylish jogger sets to sweatshirts, caps, and socks you can find everything at Onweekends. Jogger sets consisting of jogging pants and shirt are very trendy right now, so why not give your loved ones a trendy set for Christmas!

Original gift ideas for men for Christmas

Looking for gift ideas for men for Christmas? We have picked out some original Christmas gifts and stylish gifts for men. Whether it’s a cufflink or a whisky glass, here you will find Christmas gifts for your partner and dad. We have not only found typical Christmas presents for men, but also some more special presents for men over 50.

Christmas gifts for dad

Is your dad more the whisky or wine type? Whatever he prefers, we have found the perfect gift ideas for you. These are not only original but also practical and beautiful to look at! Is your dad not the type for both? Also no problem! Besides whiskey books and glasses we also found stylish gifts for him, like a hat and scarf set.

Christmas gifts for the boyfriend

Do you have a businessman at home for whom you are still looking for high-quality Christmas presents? How about nice cufflinks or a nice shirt? Also a wallet or card case can be used by every man, right? When do our men ever buy something like that themselves? If your friend is more a sporty type, then a fitness bracelet might be something for him to track his daily activities. Of course, these gift ideas are also something for your brother.