Fashion is fun because it always reinvents itself! So also with the well-proven sweater vest. The pullover (“pull over”) is being replaced this season by the sweater vest – and that by every trick in the book. The knitwear section is expanded to include sweater vests for women. In addition to sweaters and cardigans, you can now find sweater vests for women made of wool. The fashion houses have come up with something with this garment and they are available in almost limitless variations and cuts. The look changes again and again and the possible combinations are as exciting as they are multifaceted. A sweater vest becomes an absolute eye-catcher and shows what it can do: it is not just worn hidden under jackets and blazers just to shine out for a moment. No, it is worn over it in all its glory and makes a real statement.

If you haven’t yet equipped your wardrobe with a sweater vest, you should definitely and immediately tackle this. The most beautiful variations of knitted sweater vests are presented here and lots of tips for all possible combinations are given.

Wool sweater vest for women

Cuddly soft and infinitely dressable, the sweater vest for women for the fall/winter season 2020. The sweater vest for women is usually worn in plain colors and is made of knitwear of the very best quality. Therefore it would be a pity to wear such a noble garment only for underwear. Noble and absolutely elegant, the sweater vest in the new trend is no longer bourgeois at all, but the exact opposite is the case. The look that used to be perceived as old-fashioned and “granny like” is now coming across absolutely skilfully. The big fashion houses like Prada, Gucci & Co. are leading the way in the 2020/2021 season and all other labels are enthusiastically emulating it. So there is guaranteed to be the right thing for every taste and every wallet.

Sweater vests in black for women

The women’s sweater vests in black are a real classic and can be combined in many different ways. The sweater vest for ladies in black presents itself from its best side! One finds them both tight-fitting and in an oversize look. A women’s sweater vest black with a high collar is just as much a part of the game as a wide cut sweater vest for women in black. And the combination possibilities are literally endless for sweater vests in black for women. Worn over a white blouse or even over a black blouse, the sweater vests for women look classic and noble, without anything underneath and to black leather pieces they look absolutely hot.

Knitted sweater vests – the trend pieces

Knitted sweater vests are the absolute hit this season. They are available in plain and especially in muted colors. You are spoilt for choice among sweater vests for women in a very classic style or rather fancy. Or you can choose a combination of colors. Even the good old grandpa style is not missed out and you will be fashionably. Wool sweater vests for women are available with cut-outs on the sides or with a high collar. They are available without a neckline or with a sexy cleavage.

Vintage Style Knitted Vests

Of course, the vintage sweater vest cannot be missing in this fashion trend. Traditional, but fashionably pimped, the vintage style in bright colors and patterns is included. With pretty check patterns, but also with colorful collars and cuffs, the sweater vest in vintage style is perfect to combine with jeans & co. The sweater vest in trendy retro-look is so up-to-date.

Knitted vest oversized – long & wide

The knitted vest in oversize look – is it a knitted dress or rather a sweater vest? Nobody knows for sure and the transition is also fluent. But one thing is for sure: the oversize sweater vest is extremely dressable and elegant for everyday wear, but just as cleverly combined for the night out look. In any case, the knitted sweater vest in the oversize version is warm and infinitely comfortable. Not to mention the possible combinations …

The knitted vest – possible outfit combinations

To combine a sweater vest is possible in many ways and is perfectly suited for different styles. Styling is really fun with a knitted vest.

This season the knitted vest has to be part of the game – then you are absolutely fashionable. There is a great variety of possible combinations and you can choose between classic chic, business look, or more extravagant outfits. Even the absolute break in style is of course possible. Everything is allowed that pleases.

The blouse – also a must-have of the season – can be perfectly styled with a knitted vest. You can wear a plain-colored knitted vest over the blouse, either in two different shades or completely plain both in the same color.

Even wide XXL shirts can be combined perfectly with a noble sweater vest. How about a wide white shirt combined with a short sweater vest in a beige check pattern worn with wide pants in the same style? Add white high boots and the perfect look is ready to go – just the trend of the season.

For colder temperatures, a combination with a turtleneck sweater vest is very suitable. This not only provides optimum warmth but also looks really trendy.

If you like bright colors, you can really let off steam by choosing your sweater vests. Plain and bright colors are a real must of the season. Combining them with light blue and rosé, but also with brighter colors like pink or neon yellow, is great fun!

The oversize version is already more of a dress than a sweater vest, and those who like to show what they have, present themselves in a sweater vest over a blouse and either opaque pantyhose or leggings or skinny jeans. Boots in addition are of course obligatory!

For the business look, the combination with a sweater vest is also very suitable. Especially with very feminine skirts combined with a blouse, a sweater vest is the best choice.

Absolutely hot is a sweater vest without anything underneath worn as a simple top. This shows courage to the look and the sweater vest is really set in the scene. Maybe you wear it with a leather skirt or trousers made of leather? Such a sweater vest is just a sleeveless sweater, but can look so sexy!