You look outside, it’s gray and dark and you don’t even want to leave the house – winter is here. Of course, winter can also be beautiful, with lots of sun and white glittering snow, but in Berlin it looks rather gray, wet, slushy and dark. So it is more important that we make it really nice and cozy at home, so as not to fall into winter depression. It doesn’t matter if you decorate your living room with winter decorations or if you prefer to bring the vacation mood home and make yourself in a good mood, the main thing is that you create cozy rooms. We love the combination of both and like to mix a few vacation accessories with typical winter decor elements, such as scented candles with tangerine scent for extra cozy living. Here we show you how to decorate your living room cozy and tell you our tips for cozy decorating ideas.

Living room cozy decoration with teak

Wood is in winter anyway the decoration element par excellence and fits just super to the wintry atmosphere. Natural decoration, such as wood, is also increasingly trendy when it comes to living room ideas cozy and can now be found almost everywhere. To get at the same time still a bit of vacation mood at home teak is perfect. Originally from Asia, teak is the new import object for everything around decoration and furniture. Teak is a very special natural material because it is particularly stable. In addition, it is characterized by its natural beauty. It is a slightly darker wood with a particularly pronounced structuring.

Our decoration tip to make your living room cozy and modern is a wooden plate made of Asian teak. Such a large deco wooden plate can be found at You can decorate the wooden plate with candles, a few fir branches, and everything else you can find during a winter walk.

It does not always need expensive decorative elements and artificial plants, especially in winter and autumn you can find many shrubs, branches, cones, etc., which you can use wonderfully to make rooms look cozier.

The right scented candles and incense sticks may not be missing on your round wooden tray of course. How about tangerine or rather a tropical scent, like coconut? With beautiful fragrances for the home, you can get a vacation in the living room or dive deep into the wintry mood. It can be so easy to create a cozy home with a wooden plate as decoration.

Find candles and more to put on wooden plates in the following:

Plants and pictures for a vacation atmosphere at home

Not only with pillows for the living room and throw blankets for the sofa you can make it nice and cozy at home. The right plants and pictures also give your rooms that certain something. You can either print out vacation pictures from your last summer vacation and frame them yourself or buy beautiful pictures on the theme of summer, sun, beach online and bring the vacation home. With the right plants next to it, like palm trees or bonsais, the vacation mood is guaranteed. For your plants we have a little tip: they look great in woven baskets made of seagrass! You can also find these at in various designs. There is something for every taste. They are also lovingly handmade in Bali and with them, you can get a piece of nature and Bali in your home. Seaweed is a natural product that is very popular in the interior. Not only because this natural product is so durable and hard-wearing, but also versatile. You can also use the seagrass baskets as a pure decorative item or basket for your cotton bedspread. 

Make living room cozy with a cushion cover Boho

With beautiful living room pillows can make a room more cozy without much effort. Beautiful pillows give the room more coziness and you feel directly more comfortable on the sofa. With a Boko pillowcase you bring also a few vacation vibes in the living room. At you can find a beautiful macramé cushion cover, which you can use wonderfully to decorate your couch with pillows. The cushions are lovingly handmade in Bali and are just waiting to decorate your living room. Through the natural materials and colors, it can be integrated into any existing style and complements your home design in an optimal way with natural decoration. The decorative pillow for the living room and co. is not only very cozy, but will also remind you every time of the last beautiful summer vacation and brings this memory to your home. For larger sofas, we recommend to integrate two or more living room cushion covers, so that the vacation feeling is complete and the single cushion cover in macramé style does not go down.

Living ideas cozy – cotton bedspread

Not only beautiful cushions in the living room help to set up a cozy living room, but also a throw blanket for the sofa. Such a bedspread is not only comfortable and you can snuggle up with a tea in it during movie night, but also looks super nice during the day and protects the sofa at the same time. Whether you use it as a throw blanket for the couch or bed throw, it enhances the room and provides coziness. At you will find a beautiful cotton beach towel, which you can use wonderfully as a cotton bedspread or as a throw for the sofa. The beautiful colors and the summery design provide the necessary vacation mood in the gray winter months. 

Jogger set – the must have for this winter

What is now still missing for the perfect cozy home and the right feel-good mood? A comfortable outfit! And what would winter be without a cozy jogger set, with which you can really make yourself comfortable on the sofa. Sweater and Sweatpants are totally on trend this year anyway due to lockdown and home office, so what’s better! So grab our two-piece women’s jogging set, for example, and plant yourself on your couch with tea and cookies. The jogging set is of course also available for men and is available in gray or black. With it you can not only relax on the sofa, but also look totally trendy when fetching bread rolls or walking with the dog. In addition, of course, the right slippers may not be missing. Slippers are available in numerous fluffy and comfortable models to buy online. We have picked out a few of our favorites, in which you can only feel good!

So don’t bury yourself at home in gray walls, but make it really nice to fight the winter and bring back the good mood with the right home accessories!