Living in Boho Style

Boho interior style is the new trend in interior design. It thrives on contradictions and combines dazzling colors with natural accents and materials. What sounds at first as if it would not fit together, complements each other perfectly in the Boho style and inspires not only hippies and nature lovers. 

The origins of the bohemian style of living go back to the 19th century. At that time, an upheaval took place in society, free poets, artists and philosophers rebelled against the stiff bourgeoisie, creating the so-called bohemian movement. Part of this movement was the demarcation through lifestyle, which includes the interior style Boho. The unconventional artistic milieu found its inspiration in the gypsies from Bohemia, who moved around with their colorful wagons.

This is where the term ‘Bohemian’ comes from, which also means unconventional or Bohemian. 

Bohemian style was then rediscovered in the 60s and 70s by the hippies. For them, Boho Style expressed freedom and joie de vivre in both clothing and Bohemian furnishings. 

Since then, the Boho Style has crept further and further into the furniture stores and home decor blogs and can be found today in many living rooms and bedrooms, because this Boho style is not only super homey and cozy, but also chic and at the same time conveys the feelings of freedom and vacation.

Central elements of a boho interior design

What it takes for boho style are definitely wood, rattan, velvet, colorful fabrics and lots of boho decor made of natural materials. Oriental patterns are also popular. The focus should be on natural earth tones, which is then combined with individual colorful boho style decoration. Typical elements used for boho style decor are boho pillow cases, bohemian wall decor like tapestries, woven baskets for plants and knotted macramé decor with fringes. Natural wood deco like teak deco completes the boho style decor. For the vacation feeling of the Bohemian interior, exotic plants and palm trees must not be missing. These make themselves especially beautiful in a plant basket made of seagrass. 

Boho decoration – do it yourself

Especially with the Boho style of furnishing, you can save money on the decoration.

The Boho style invites you to upgrade old furniture and visit flea markets for vintage decor pieces. How about a bed made of Euro pallets, Boho decoration for the wall of self-knotted macramé or upgraded old furniture? Many decorative elements of the living style Boho can be easily designed yourself and online you can find numerous instructions for beautiful macramé flower pots or macramé wall decor diy’s. Most of the time you do not need many materials and everything can be found easily in the hardware store, for example. 

Boho chic interior

Today, the boho interior style has become more and more boho chic and relies more on stylish natural elements in classic colors than the combination of colorful patchwork pieces. The boho style invites you to experiment and stimulates creativity. Thus, it can be combined particularly well with other types of furnishings, because everything is allowed, what pleases!

Since the Boho interior generally relies on a mix of different decorative elements and the Boho chic is characterized by natural colors, it does particularly well with the chic Scandinavian country style. The bright colors and clean lines make a nice contrast to the bohemian living style. The country style also relies on natural materials, which perfectly complements the bohemian chic interior. 

The popular vintage style is also a perfect combination to the boho living style. Vintage parts are also used in boho interior design and old furniture can be beautifully upgraded. It perfectly fits the lifestyle of the unconventional Boho living style.

Almost any style can be enhanced by matching decoration in Boho Style and lent that certain something.

Boho style is characterized by its imperfection and lives from the combination of different textiles and materials. Patterns can be mixed with each other and the materials come mainly from nature. The Boho interior in the living room reflects a personality and is therefore super compatible with personal accessories and decorative details. So with the Boho style in the living room you can really let off steam, Boho pillowcases, teak decoration, plant baskets made of seagrass, macramé decoration and much more. The motto is: more is more and you combine several parts of each Boho Deko article, instead of only one.

So it takes several vases filled with dried flowers and grasses on the dining room table or several candles on the coffee table to perfect the boho look. The same goes for bohemian pillowcases for the sofa. Here, a really nice cozy sofa can be created from many boho pillowcases with different patterns. 

The basic colors here form earthy tones such as sand, cream or brown and add a few highlights in black or bright exotic colors.

Boho cushion cover

More is more – this also applies to the use of boho sofa cushions. Here you can make it really cozy on the couch. You are welcome to mix boho style pillows with different patterns, as long as they match in color. Typical for the boho chic in the living room is the macramé pattern. You can find beautiful macramé pillows for example at The Boho cushion covers are lovingly handmade in Bali and thus get their unique charm. At the ends they have sweet fringes, which are also typical of the boho style. They can be beautifully arranged on your sofa or an armchair and bring a bit of vacation mood in the boho living room. 

Teak decoration

For table decorations in boho style, natural teak wood is perfect. With the rainforest wood you can set beautiful natural and rustic accents. At you can find great wooden bowls made of teak and teak plates for decoration. The large teak bowls you can use super as a fruit basket or bread basket in the kitchen. The small teak bowl is perfect for snacks.

For your table decoration in boho style you can use a large round teak plate. On it you can arrange enough candles or vases. Feel free to combine different candles and vases with each other here, so as not to make the look too perfect. 

Plant basket seaweed

Plants are a beautiful natural decorative element in the boho style and they give the boho interior style an exotic atmosphere. Put tropical plants and palm trees in natural plant baskets such as seaweed. You will find beautiful planter baskets made of seagrass in different variants also at The plant baskets are available in different sizes so you can find the right plant basket for every living room plant. They make the Bohemian living room look cozier and also do well as a seagrass basket for your laundry or for a cuddly blanket.

Macramé ideas – macramé hanging basket

Typical for the Boho style is of course macramé decoration and the popular macramé hanging baskets. These you can either knot yourself or buy online. The macramé plant hanging basket is perfect for small rooms or dead corners where you have no room for large palm trees. With the macramé flower pot you can easily hang your tropical plants under the ceiling and give your living room that certain something.

Instructions for a macramé flower pot diy can be found on numerous diy blogs on the Internet and you do not need a lot of materials or know-how.

Boho Style – the Boho furnishing for the bedroom

The romantic boho style is also perfect for bedroom decor, due to its pleasant atmosphere and harmonious color scheme. Boho furnishing in the bedroom invites you to dream. In the bedroom, it can be found especially in carpets, bohemian wall decor and bedspreads. The same principle applies here as already in the living room: many boho pillows and cotton blankets make the bed a cozy oasis of well-being. The trend of layering found its origin in the boho style. A classic white or cream bed cover is combined with a patterned cotton bedspread and boho pillowcases in different colors and shapes. Feel free to play with details like fringes or pom poms to create beautiful accents. Macramé pillowcases are also a must have here. They make the bed not only super chic, but also comfortable and inviting at the same time.  Also in the boho decor for the bedroom, our seagrass basket round finds use as a laundry basket or storage space for all those cozy macramé pillows. 

Bedspread Boho style

Various textiles are the eye-catcher in boho bedroom decor. The bed is adorned not only by beautiful cotton or linen covers, but also by one or more patterned bedspreads. Limit yourself to fewer patterns to maintain uniformity. At you can find two beautiful beach towels with fringes at the ends, which can be wonderfully used as bedspreads. They come in two different patterns, which also work great together and several colors, from black to green and blue. There is certainly the right one for each Boho Decor bedroom. Small tip: also in the living room in boho style, our blankets for sofas with oriental flair look super cozy. You can wonderfully snuggle up on the sofa in it or use it as a table decoration in boho style for your dining table.

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