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Category Archives: Inspirations

DIY velvety makeover for jumper & Co. by schere leim papier

Today, it’s time for another DIY project, created by schere leim papier. This a very quick one, and it's also very cheap because you only need two ingredients to craft it. You are totally into DIY, crafting, upcycling and design? Just take a look at my blog: There are just a few days left until Christmas!…

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DIY Indian summer bangle

It's time to craft with schereleimpapier! Monthly, you can find some tutorials here on And that can't be denied: fall is coming fast. But winter nears even faster... That's why I tried to catch the most beautiful thing of autumn and this is the incredible palette of warm and bright colours. The following tutorial for…

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DIY hamsa-shirt by schere leim papier

As Jacky already told you: Here is another self-made piece of fashion for you, created by schere leim papier. With this tutorial, you can breathe new life in your wardrobe. You probably experienced this: You go through your clothes and find a lot of boring stuff, unicoloured shirts and things of this sort. Well, basics are something you…

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ARTE Creative Fully Fashioned! – Upcycling Fashion Wettbewerb

Fangen wir ganz von vorne an: ARTE Creativ ist eine Plattform von ARTE, bei der sich alles um die Themen Kunst und Kreativ dreht. Ein Projekt aus dieser Plattform ist Fully Fashioned!, das sich - wie es der Name schon verrät - vor allem mit dem Bereich Mode beschäftigt. Fully Fashioned! bietet verschiedene Themen, von…

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DIY lace shorts by schere leim papier

Today it's time again to craft with schere leim papier! Summertime is shortstime, that's why I have an idea for you to transform some cast-off jeans into a new piece of clothing. You probably already have all you need at home, because for the lace cloth I just cut an old shirt . You can…

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Guestpost: DIY ethno top by schere leim papier

Hey guys, it’s Luisa from schere leim papier again! Today it’s time for another easy-to-do selfmade fashion item. Summer is coming, the days get longer  and the weather gets hotter. Well, it’s time for tops, shorts, skirts… but instead of filling your wardrobe by buying new things, you can get it much cheaper by metamorphosing…

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DIY Scandinavian bag design by schere leim papier

Here is another self-made piece of fashion for you, created by schere leim papier. I'm Luisa and on my blog, I show you how to craft things on your own. For more DIY-tutorials visit me here: Have you ever sewn a bag on your own? I haven't. But when I saw this incredible fabric in a sewdish…

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guestpost: DIY wooden statement necklace by schere leim papier

It's time for another fashion tutorial, brought to you by schere leim papier. Every once in a while, I (Luisa) develop something for Jacky's fashionblog For more DIY-tutorials visit me here: My absolutely favourite material for handcrafting ist bare wood. I love it's smell, complexion and the way it reminds me of nature and nativeness.…

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Bikini-Trends 2014

Jetzt wo das Wetter aktuell wieder etwas schlechter hier in Berlin ist, sehne ich mich immer mehr nach Sonne, Strand und Meer, vor allem aber einfach nur nach wärmeren Temperaturen, nach dem Sommer. Diese Sehnsucht habe ich zum Anlass genommen, um über die Bikini-Trends für dieses Jahr zu schreiben. Um ehrlich zu sein, haben die…

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guestpost: DIY world map bag by schere leim papier

Here is another self-made piece fashion for you, created by schere leim papier. If you don't know me already: My name is Luisa and I like to take matters into my own hands. You can see the results right here: For the gym bag you don't need any sewing skills, just a steady hand for cutting and glueing. Good…

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Guestpost: DIY neon knitwear by schereleimpapier

Hey! I'm Luisa from schereleimpapier and I love to create things on my own: crafting little presents, renewing old furniture, upcycling, working with wood and so much more. Just do it yourself! Today, I'm going to show you how to transform a redundant men' s jumper into some pretty piece of clothing. Here is what…

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Morning Delivery: Air Max 1

Talking about Air Max Love, I got my second pair :D This time I found these great Air Max One on and I couldn't expect the delivery. Finally they arrived! Yaaaaaay.

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