Spring fashion 2021 for women

The days are still short and the temperatures are cold and uncomfortable but with the days getting longer, spring is getting closer and closer and with it the cheerful colors and colorful patterns of fashion for spring 2021. With great excitement, fashion enthusiasts are waiting for the new trends, because rarely has it been so difficult as in the current Corona situation to bring fashion to the catwalks of this world. But despite the difficult situation, the designers of the major fashion houses around the world have again succeeded in the best possible way – and this absolutely thoughtful and infinitely beautiful!

The spring fashion for women presents itself with colorful floral patterns, fancy fringed clothing as well as sporty-elegant loungewear for women. The cuts remain true to the loose-casual oversized trend of the winter, complemented with wide power shoulders and the popular wide puff sleeves. Spring fashion 2021 for women shows up in the form of extravagant dresses with cut-outs and cool sports fashion. Elegant and business-like or rather comfortable and yet absolutely trendy in XXL look. There is guaranteed to be something for every taste in the spring fashion for women – and the motto remains: Fashion is fun! Enjoy!

The fashion colors 2021

The spring colors remain faithful to the fashion colors of the winter season and it is still true: contrast is the motto! Thus, among the fashion colors 2021, you can find the absolute classics white and beige. The colorful patterns of floral dresses have all the colors of the rainbow in them. The floral dresses trend can be found on pretty much every top, on dresses with floral patterns as well as on blouses and gorgeous tunics. The dresses with a floral pattern bring some color into everyday life, no matter how grey it may be and immediately brighten up the mood. With this, you can literally feel the freshness of spring and enjoy the colorful collections of international fashion houses. 

Also, the eye-catching and universally popular check pattern remains with us in the spring fashion for women this season.

The check pattern harmonizes beautifully with the XXL trend and makes the oversize outfit for women look wonderfully loose and casual. With the check pattern, you look quite excellent with shirts, coats and pants.  

The best thing about the spring colors and patterns is that you don’t have to be so specific about what you would like to wear. What used to be a real no-go is absolutely wanted this season. We are talking about the pattern mix. You can combine pretty much anything you like. Floral dress paired with a coat with a check pattern? Wonderful! Different floral patterns combined with each other? The very best!

Cuts & shapes of spring fashion 2021


This deliberately asymmetrical style with cut-outs in the fabric is particularly effective with tops and dresses and looks extremely feminine and sexy. The cut-out style skillfully puts the female body in the limelight and emphasizes the various parts and the décolleté extremely seductive. A real eye-catcher! 

But also with leggings cut-outs are a popular trend. Here, the fabric does not have to be missing, even a mesh insert can represent a beautiful cut out detail.

Power shoulders

The extreme shoulder pads from the 80s are back! Back then, pretty much everything had extra padding and prepared very wide shoulders and a narrow waist as a contrast. This style is back this season. The tops, dresses and coats are equipped with differently shaped shoulder pads, some tapered or wide and voluminous. 

Wide puffed sleeves are also to be discovered among the cuts and shapes of this year’s spring fashion. This will definitely make you stand out and make a real statement.

Fringes clothing

The jackets and tops but also the accessories such as handbags are in the spring fashion again with eye-catching fringes. Whether made of fabric or leather does not matter – the main thing is fringes. This gives the fashion an absolute wow effect!

The Oversize Style

Very far ahead this season is the XXL cut and oversized fashion for women. The clothing presents itself completely in the oversized trend with trousers with wide legs, wide shirts and blouses as well as coats and jackets with infinite volume. This loose-casual style is as practical as it is cozy and you are absolutely on trend with it. Oversize fashion for women spans the entire range of wardrobe. So you can find shirts in oversize for women, the oversize shirt jacket for women or even the oversized blazer for women as well as the oversized suit for women. These clothes in the oversized trend all have one thing in common – they forgive unflattering body parts and emphasize narrow waists just as well. Absolutely recommended for every type of woman!

The trend pieces

The fashion for spring 2021 is as multifaceted as it is versatile and reinvents itself in many areas. The most important trend pieces of the season are presented here.

Trench coats – classic and endlessly beautiful

The trench coat is one of the absolute classics of fashion at all. Originally conceived for the British soldiers, we owe it to the fashion house Burberry. This spring season it is worn mainly as a trench coat in beige. For this, it goes in combination with almost everything and is extremely comfortable to wear. Whether you combine it with a colorful dress with a floral pattern, with slim-fit suit pants for women or with an oversize shirt for women is entirely up to your own taste. The trench coat for women in beige is sophisticated to combine and a real must-have for every fashion-conscious fashionista.

XXL shirt – the boyfriend shirt for women

The oversized shirt for women is a real it-piece of this season. Whether as a checkered shirt for women in oversize or simply as a wide shirt blouse in this year’s spring colors of white or beige – the oversize style is just right in times of home office due to the Corona virus. Here, the useful is combined with the beautiful, because practical does not always have to mean less dressy. The fit is crucial and so you go perfectly styled in hip oversize outfits for women in the spring season of 2021!

Oversized suits for the big show

The oversized suit for women as well as the oversized blazer for women make their way into the domestic closets this spring. You are super dressed with a wide fit of the suits and blazers in XXL look and feel very comfortable in it. In addition, you can either wear skintight tops underneath and create the ideal contrast with it or also wear an oversize shirt for women and stay completely true to the style.

Loungewear for women

The sweatpants are one of the big surprises this season. The designers of the major fashion labels also reinvented the home wear sets for women again. Pajamas? No way! Jogging pants are something for fashion deniers? But not for a long time anymore! The loungewear set for women usually consists of leggings and a top but the cut and the material play the decisive role. Noble fabrics are used for the loungewear sets, shiny and flowing materials are used. A two-piece set for women completely plain with classy sweatpants as well as a blazer in the same color stands out just as well as a ribbed two-piece set for women

made of cozy cotton. Lounge sets definitely belong to the fashion in spring 2021!

At onweekends.de you can find such a lounge set consisting of matching sweatpants and a sweater. The two parts are made largely of cotton and are produced in Europe and packed in Berlin for you with love. The set is available in the trendy colors black and gray and dresses both man and woman in the trendy oversized loungewear look.