Sustainable online shopping for Black Friday

Who doesn’t know it, Black Friday is coming up and you decide not to buy so much. In the end, your bank account is empty and you have twenty new things in your closet that you don’t need. This behavior is often triggered by so-called impulse purchases. The numerous discounts signal to us that we can save a lot of money and that we should buy NOW. Of course, Black Friday and the discount campaigns of the retailers are worthwhile, but there is always a lot of unnecessary shopping. That’s why we have listed a few tips for you on how to avoid the shopping mania and spontaneous purchases. Actually, it’s not that difficult to avoid these impulse purchases. Here we show you how you can change your Black Friday shopping behavior into a sustainable shopping experience to not only save your money but also the environment.

Write shopping lists

Shopping lists help you with food shopping, so why not also with the rest of your shopping? It’s best to write down a list of things you really need in November, such as technical equipment, household appliances or even Christmas presents for your loved ones. With a well-managed shopping list, no matter if it’s saved products online or old-school with pen and paper, you can then search for your needed products on Black Friday and save a lot of money! If you’re smart, you can buy the presents for Christmas right away, so they not only arrive on time but are also a lot cheaper. So just stick to your shopping list and you won’t get scared the next time you look in your wallet.

Limit advertising contact

What can also help you not to get into the Black Friday shopping madness is to avoid all the advertising as much as possible. On social media you can find many teasers about Black Friday, as well as the week before, about upcoming promotions and sales. You are literally “flooded” with discounts. So it can be hard to resist. So maybe you should check out a few times less Instagram and Co. for advertising, but rather spend the time with your loved ones.

Buy sustainable clothing

One is particularly confronted with the advertising of fashion stores. There are new winter styles and the old styles have to go, that means shoppiiiiing! Sometimes you lose sight of what you already have at home and really need. So the best thing to do is to ask yourself with every potential purchase:

-Do I really need this or do I already have something similar at home?

-Can I imagine at least three looks with this and is it worth the purchase?

In this way you avoid possible mispurchases, which afterward only hang in the closet and are not worn. Buying sustainable clothes is the new Black Friday Shopping Statement!

We hope these three simple tips will help you resist Black Friday a little bit and shop more consciously. So then happy shopping!