I hope you guys liked the last two posts from Bali because they were the last ones for now. The rest of the week I will share autumn outfits from Berlin with you before sharing one last post from Bali which will be a restaurant guide. And once this final post from Bali is online, I do have plenty of autumnal content for you. So much about the content plan for this and the next week 😉 If you have any content-related wishes, don’t hesitate to let me know.

The outfit I am sharing with you today might not look like a typical autumn outfit, that’s because I am wearing a summer trend AND the weather that day was more summery than autumnal. We had more than 20°C and a lot of sunshine in Berlin that day. But I didn’t mind at all, because due to that I got to wear this summer trend. I first wasn’t sure about it at all. Well, I actually didn’t really like it as I thought it would be something that doesn’t suit me. What am I talking about? The biker shorts. When I received these biker shorts a couple of days ago, I decided to give it a try, and as you can see, I changed my mind.

How to wear biker shorts

I was thinking a lot about how to wear biker shorts, what kind of outfit I would feel comfortable in and what would look cool and fashionable at the same time. Well, feeling comfortable in what I wear always is the most important to me. So, in the end, I went for the outfit combination you probably have seen a lot during late summer: biker shorts, a white t-shirt and a blazer.

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It was the outfit combination that immediately caught my eye, because of all the contrasts. And I do like contrasts in outfits a lot. I do like combining comfortable pieces with chicer ones, and in this case, the biker shorts are the comfortable piece, and the blazer is the chic one – okay, that’s quite obvious, but I wanted to make it clear. 😉 The biker shorts I got are quite short, and I am currently thinking about getting a longer and slightly thicker pair. Something I could actually wear at the office and not only on the weekend. But maybe they just suit me, because they are as short as a lot of my shorts. Longer biker shorts may not suit me, because I think you need quite thin and not too muscular legs and mine are quite muscular… what do you think?

As I think, that I don’t have to add any more info about the outfit combination, I would like to give you some other outfit ideas with biker shorts. Instead of a blazer, you can also wear a long shirt, an oversized hoodie or a crop top and a denim jacket. And these are only a few ideas. If I decide to get another pair of biker shorts (and if it stays as warm as it was this past week), I will put together some more outfits with biker shorts and share them on the blog.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it: another reason why I really like biker shorts is, that you can wear them underneath short dresses and skirts. I also can wear them when I have to shoot a couple of outfits and don’t have a place to get changed. When I am wearing them underneath, I can get changed in the car without worrying, that people will see what I am wearing underneath 😉 This is a piece of advice for all my blogger colleagues that may have the same “problem” from time to time.

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