In yesterdays post I talked about the negative impact of the mass tourism in Bali. But at the same time, I mentioned, that not everything about tourism is bad. There also is a positive impact of tourism in Bali. I wanted to make you think about your role as a tourist in Bali. I wanted you to think about how you do, can and should behave when travelling to Bali – that’s why I talked about those negative things.

I travelled to Bali twice, I was a tourist myself, and I definitely will travel there again. Whenever I go to Bali, I try to make a difference with just a few little things such as picking up trash from the beach and ground or trying to avoid using plastic. We can try to make Bali a better place and to help them solve their huge plastic problem to just mention one of the negative impact of tourism in Bali. In addition to this, we do have as tourists have a positive impact and – to come to the point – that’s what I will talk about today.

Brining more investors

More people travelling to Bali means more people are interested in making money there by building hotels, villas, restaurants and more. The potential for benefits is very high, and the risk of losing all their money is very low as tourism is still increasing year by year. And more investors, as well as more money, means more improvement in several areas what brings me to the next point.

Economy improvement

All the new hotels, restaurants and malls are creating new jobs, jobs that are often given to locals. Before Bali became such a tourist hotspot, most of the jobs Bali residents now do didn’t even exist. Nowadays the unemployment rate in Bali is very low, a lot of locals make a living from the work they got due to the needs of the tourists.

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The positive impact of tourism in Bali

Of course, the salary isn’t the best compared to other countries, and I don’t know how much it actually is, but I hope they get a fair salary. And you guys can always tip when you are in Bali and top their salary a little bit off.
Other than the whole employment thing, tourists from all over the world bring money from all over the world to Bali to go shopping etc. and this improves the economy as well (when spent in the right place).

Introducing the Balinese culture to foreigners

Even though I told you, that Bali isn’t the best place to experience the Indonesian culture, to get to know the people and the culture as it used to be a while ago, you still get to know a different culture and meet new people when in Bali. The Balinese culture changed with all the tourists coming to the island, but it still is different from the European culture, and you can find the original culture in Bali when you are open for it. Do not only talk to other tourists but also try to meet locals and talk to them about their life, their culture and their stories.

We decide what kind of tourists we are. We decide what we experience when travelling, what we will bring back home once we are leaving and this can be anything from a new piece of clothing to amazing experiences. We also decide if we have a negative or a positive impact on a foreign country and we should always keep this in mind.

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