The parka, an iconic piece perfect for spring, autumn as well as gloomy summer days. As I mentioned yesterday, the past days has been very gloomy, rainy and cold and therefore, I have to leave my summer clothes at home and get all my transitional clothes out. As sad as I am about the fact that it is colder, I also like to wear some of my newest transitional clothes such as this beautiful Woolrich Parka.

Beige Parka, the Iconic Piece

Woolrich is well-know for it’s high-quality yet stylish and comfortable pieces. Most people only know the winter parka, but Woolrich has grea summer parkas as well. The Parka is one of those iconic pieces that are perfect for spring and summer. As you can see, I opted for the beige one, because in my opinion it’s the most iconic colour you can wear when it comes to parkas. But the parka comes in other colours such as blue and khaki as well. Since it’s summer I combined my new Woolrich parka with an all white outfit. Once again I was wearing white jeans, and I hope you’re not bored of them already since I already shared a look with white jeans yesterday 😉 But after not wearing them quite a while a little overdose won’t bore nobody I hope x)

These white jeans are from Asos, and I bought them already two years ago. I barely wore them since then, but think I should definitely do it more often… what do you think? And how do you like the combination with my lace shirt aka dress? It’s actually a dress but way too short for me to wear it as a dress. I love that it’s not only white but also beige, what makes it to the perfect match for this look. I hope you like it. xx

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