Happy Saturday everyone! I’m pretty sure, a fantastic weekend is just about to start, so I don’t want to keep you from enjoying it! I just wanted to share this quick post to show you one of my beach looks. You might have recognized, that I’m sharing mostly outfits from Thailand. The truth is, I was wearing my bikinis almost all day long 😉 The Thailand looks you saw during the last days were only worn for breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes in between the meals. But that’s it. So here is how I was walking around the most time of the day.

Beachin’ all day long in my Volcom bikini

The reason I was wearing my bikinis almost all day long is, that we were spending most of the time by the pool, inside the pool or on the beach! It was just a little bit too hot to be covered in clothes all day long 😉 Not that I want to complain; I LOVE these temperatures when I’m somewhere close to the sea. The bikini I was wearing is from Volcom. It’s pretty nice, isn’t it? Since we were on the beach, I didn’t add any other clothes or accessories. The sunglasses and the coke can were the only accessories 😉 Well, it’s important to drink a lot on hot summer days!

Enjoy the pictures, let me know what you think and have an amazing Saturday! xx

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