Guys, it’s Sunday and time for another “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”-post. 🙂 How was your past week? Did something special happen or was it just another typical week? Mine wasn’t special at all. It was the first complete week back in Berlin, and I spent most of the time at the office. You might have realized, that I started to share some of the looks we shot in Thailand. Well, I was preparing all these posts all week long. By now I shared about 50 percent, so there’s still a lot to come, and I can’t wait to share the other half with you. But before that, I want to share some more recent looks. Because I didn’t only prepare posts from Thailand, but we also shot some first looks back in Berlin!

Among all the blog stuff I had to do some things, I don’t like that much such as accounting. After all, it must be done, and it’s always better not to do it last-minute 😉 You see, the past week was all about work and office stuff. But there was one highlight: we got Jimmy back! He was with my boyfriends aunt while we were in Thailand and we decided to leave him there a couple more days because they always enjoy having him at their place! But I really missed him so that I couldn’t wait any longer than Monday 😉

Since nothing very interesting happened during my past week, I want to hear everything about yours! What did you do? What happened? And what was your highlight of the week? Tell me everything, I’m curious! 🙂 xx

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