Boston clogs shoe trend – chunky mules on the rise

Fashion is a mystery and never ceases to amaze us. What you would classify as rather unattractive and not stylish suddenly becomes mega-hyped. That was the case with the thick winter boots of the Australian brand UGG. From one day to the next, people wore these wide, lambskin-lined boots, which were absolutely IN. But when the stars and starlets and, of course, the wide range of female influencers model such a trend, the fashionista naturally follows enthusiastically. And why not?! After all, clothing, especially shoes, do not always have to be uncomfortable to wear, pinch at all corners and make our lives unnecessarily difficult. Especially the footwear we wear on our feet every day should accompany us also in a pleasant way. Because let’s not kid ourselves – high heels make endlessly long legs and a strong appearance, but they’re uncomfortable, and you can’t wear them on your feet for longer than a few hours. Instagram is full of influencers and various celebrities who set the trends with their outfits, and at the moment, these are by far the Boston Clogs from the German brand Birkenstock. We are happy about this trend and enthusiastically join in.

The clog slippers from Birkenstock

The cozy sandals and slides of the German label Birkenstock have long been able to establish themselves and adorn the feet of countless female – and male – fans of this comfortable footwear fashion. They have such melodious names as Madrid or Gizeh and Arizona, and practically everyone has at least one of the models in their shoe closet. The Boston model is now taking the world by storm. Launched on the market as early as 1979, the model, named after the US metropolis on the East Coast, is winning the hearts of fashion followers. Unlike the original sandals model, this version protects the toes and keeps them nice and warm. Thus, the shoes are suitable for any weather and adapt to individual needs. The slipper-like shoes with the suitable orthopedic footbed were already famous back then but somehow disappeared from the scene for the time being. Fans of comfortable shoes still wore them, but they have yet to be visible in fashion magazines and social networks; you also looked for them in vain.

In the fall/ winter of 2022/ 2023, Birkenstocks Boston is now experiencing an unparalleled upward trend. The hype around this comfortable shoe model could not be more spectacular, and the prices for the clog slippers are shooting up on the market. With the Surfer Boots from UGG, this development could already be seen in 2020. That trend was also unusually strong at that time. With its countless oversized looks, the current XXL trend makes us highly comfortable, stylish, and best dressed to go out on the street or to work. Combined with trendy clogs, the contemporary look can be perfect and suitable for everyday wear. And if all the world is greedy for the Boston clogs shoe trend, we definitely join in – why not?

The clogs trend in the world of celebrities

What is currently trending, we are informed not only by fashion magazines but especially by the influencers in social networks. Celebrities are also at the forefront of keeping us up to date on styles and hot fashion trends. Who doesn’t follow their favorite actresses, singers, or celebrity stars on Instagram & Co.? They regularly have themselves photographed in the latest fashion and wear what they like and what is currently in trend. Of course, they have a significant influence and offer the perfect platform to tell us what is IN and what is OUT. And right now, Boston clogs are absolutely in trend. So we can observe how famous actresses such as “Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart or Hollywood actress Sienna Miller march in this trendy footwear through the metropolises of this world and also at home. Kaia Gerber, daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford or model Kendall Jenner from the Kardashian clan are declared fans of the Boston Clogs shoe trend.

Clog Slipper Winter from Birkenstock

Now which variants of these clogs are particularly fashionable? The ergonomically shaped shoes of the German brand have a footbed made of cork and are incredibly comfortable for the feet. There is the Birkenstock Boston in different materials to buy. That includes suede, smooth leather or nubuck, felt, or even variants with cozy warm lambskin lining. The colors range from black to brown to beige. Whoever can get hold of the absolute top model is a winner all along the line because if you want to play in the first league, it MUST be the model in the trend color taupe. Of course, that this model is sold out almost everywhere certainly does not need to be mentioned at this point.

Especially in the cold season, we are grateful for everything that is trendy and comfortable and keeps you nice and warm. Therefore, the front closed slipper – better known as Birkenstock Clogs Slipper – in addition to the trendy image, is very far ahead in our favor. And if the plump lambskin is still not warm enough for you, you can put on thick socks in them without any problems. That is absolutely allowed and, despite all the clichés, doesn’t look grandpa-like at all. Trends speak their own language.

How to combine the clogs trend?

The good news is: the clog slipper can be combined to your heart’s content even in winter, and practically anything is allowed that pleases. Especially with the eternal classic jeans, the clogs are perfect to wear in combination. The clogs belong to the normcore shoes and are, therefore, real all-around shoes; you can combine them wonderfully and diverse. The jeans, optionally in beautiful shades of blue or cream, are worn in wide-leg style and an oversized sweater to the slipper-like shoes. No less stylish, the clog slippers come with the now indispensable jogging pants. Especially paired with a higher quality top like a nice knitted sweater or a polo shirt, they look particularly appealing.

And, of course, the Boston clog shoe trend also works excellently with a classier two-piece. In this case, wearing the clog loafers in winter combined with pleated pants and a beautiful blouse. The clogs trend can even be dressed for the office.

The Boston loafers also are perfect in combination with a coat and jeans and are thus the ideal companion for shopping or drinking coffee with your best friend.

Birkenstock Arizona for the summer have already established themselves. Now the Birkenstock Boston clogs are coming on the scene, creating hype that impresses even savvy fashion gurus and die-hard Instagram fans.