Blog Posts and Youtube Videos of the Week

Last week I shared two new posts from Indonesia on the blog. I am saying Indonesia because the first post was all about our days in Nusa Ceningan. I shared more info about where we stayed, what we did, and which of the to islands – Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan – I liked better. The second post of the past week was an outfit post from Bali. It was one of the outfits I was wearing in our last week there. We had a few appointments and things to get done, and due to that, we were driving around a lot. Since it was a very hot and sunny day in Bali, I opted for an all-white look combined with a Prada basket bag. Check out the post, if you want to know what I was wearing and how to combine a basket bag.

Looks of the Week

Back in Berlin means no more warmth and barely any sunshine. It’s so cold and dark compared to Bali and it took me a few days to get used to it. Actually, I am still not used to it. I didn’t feel like wearing anything else but jeans and a very warm sweater as well as my winter jacket. And yep, we didn’t take a lot of outfit photos. But don’t worry, I got some looks I can share with you today. 🙂

What happened the past week

It feels like we came back to Berlin weeks ago, but we arrived last Saturday. We had a very early connection flight from Istanbul to Berlin and landed around 10 am. As we slept a little bit on the plane, we decided to stay awake. We unpacked all our suitcases, did some laundry, went grocery shopping, and picked up Jimmy. There was a lot to get done that day which was great because this made it possible to stay awake until 8.30 pm. The plan was to stay awake until 9 pm – at least – but I was so tired, I didn’t make it. And due to that, we woke up at 7.30 am the next day. It was a typical Sunday. We had breakfast in bed, watched some series, created content, and worked a little bit on our laptops and cooked something at home. I really enjoyed that day and it made me happy to be back home even though I am missing Bali a lot. I also needed that calm Sunday, because from Monday on we were working a lot.

Back in Bali, we decided to take things a bit more easy in Berlin. We won’t rush to the office every morning and start our days with breakfast and working from home. It worked very well last week, and I got a lot of things done. We created a lot of content, placed new orders for Onvacay; I caught up on all the emails I didn’t answer in Bali, worked on new blog posts, and so on. I also tried to work out a lot. I had two personal training, one on Monday and one on Friday, I also went for a run and Luisa and I met up for a workout. It feels so good to work out regularly again.
But it wasn’t all work and sport last week. I also had some appointments and events. On Wednesday was a big Calvin Klein Party in Berlin, and I got to see so many of my favorite Berlin people again. 🙂 We stayed a bit longer than planned and had a lot of fun. On Thursday, Luisa was finally back in Berlin as well, and, of course, we had to see each other. We went to the gym together, had dinner, and went to a concert afterward. It was such a fun day and so good to see her again!