I am very late with the first monthly recap of the year, and some of you were already worried I wouldn’t share them anymore. But, of course, I won’t. In 2022 you will get to read everything about what’s happening every month as well. 🙂 Are you ready for the January recap? Here we go:

Weekend at the Baltic Sea

Not being able to travel as much as we used to before Corona is still something that is the hardest for me. I love to experience new places, and I do need it a lot for my creative work as well. So when we couldn’t book anything for NYE (prices were ridiculous, and almost everything we liked was fully booked), we decided to book a short getaway to the Baltic Sea instead for the beginning of January.

I found this cute place in a small village called Rerik, a tiny house with everything we would need for a weekend. Plus, it’s located within walking distance of the ocean. And even though the weather wasn’t the best (it was cold and windy), we really enjoyed escaping the city for a couple of days.

Bloating update

Some of you might know that I’ve had problems with bloating for almost three years now. I tried many different things already, I had so much tested, but nothing really seems to help. End of 2021, I took another test. We checked how my cells react to different foods and drinks this time. I got the results in early January, and there were actually a few things I regularly eat and drink that my cells have a not-so-good reaction with. I honestly don’t know to explain, but when I eat or drink them, my cells kind of „explode, “ which results in a leaky gut and bloating.

Luckily, this is something you can heal by just cutting out these foods and drinks for six months. I have one month down, and let me tell you; it’s hard. I have to eat gluten and grain-free, can’t have coffee and a few random things like cinnamon, tomatoes, and some spices. But I will try to stick to it, it’s „only“ six months, and I just hope it will finally help with the bloating. Fingers crossed.


We are constantly working on ONWEEKENDS, as you know. Most things happen behind the scenes, such as product planning and sampling. We are still very much at the beginning with the brand and don’t have a big budget for new collections, so we are doing it step by step. One new piece at a time 🙂

We even had to skip all our plans for autumn and winter, but we are currently working on spring and summer, and I love it already hihi

While there’s not much happening product-wise, I am trying to plan more fun shoots in 2022, and we did a first one in January together with Viky. We created some outfits with ONWEEKENDS styles to show you how to wear them and include them in your everyday life. I absolutely love how the photos turned out, so I will include a few here. I hope you like them as well.

Did my very first brow lift

This is super random to share, but I finally did a brow lift in January. I wanted to do it for sooo long, but I kept postponing it. At the end of January, I finally made an appointment, just in time for Copenhagen Fashion Week at the end of the month. I like bold brows, and while I don’t use make-up, I always do my brows in the morning. Thanks to the brow lift, styling the brows in the morning was soooo much easier. I loved it! The only downside is that it lasts for 2-4 weeks only, and I don’t see myself getting it done regularly; I will for sure postpone it all the time.

Copenhagen with my boyfriend

You guys know how much I love Copenhagen. It actually is one of my favorite cities. And with Copenhagen Fashion Week around the corner, I decided to travel there a few days earlier to meet up with agencies and brands before the actual fashion week AND to bring my boyfriend to show him the city. 🙂

We had an entire weekend off in Copenhagen, and I enjoyed being there with him so much. I’d only been to Copenhagen for Fashion Week before and never really had time just to walk around and enjoy the city. And that’s exactly what we did the weekend before FW. We walked through different neighborhoods, had matcha latte and coffee, found some excellent vegan restaurants for dinner, and spent the rest of the time in our beautiful accommodation for the days: Hotel Astoria. I can truly recommend this place. The location is right next to the central station, perfect for whatever you want to do. And the hotel itself is super cozy and interesting due to its history that goes back to 1934.

January felt like it would last forever, and looking back at all the things I did this month; I am surprised I did all this in one month. It actually reminds me of pre-corona times, haha.

Outfits I was wearing in January

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