Blog Posts of the Week

The plan was to share three new outfits (+ one weekly recap), but I ended up sharing only two new outfits and the recap. I also have other topics I want to share, but I didn’t have the time to write about them. There are so many cool things coming up on the blog; I wish I could share everything a bit earlier.

So this past week I shared two new outfit posts, and those two were black and white outfits. I was wearing both on summer days in Berlin, one on a hot summer day and the other one on a little bit colder day. Yep, there was an outfit published for both kinds of summer days. If you need something for temperatures above 25°C, you should check out how I styled my denim skirt with a crop top. And if you need a summer outfit for colder days, have a look at my overall and platform sneakers outfit. Oh, and don’t forget to let me know how you like them in the comments.

Looks of the Week

As you might know, we were in Greece from Friday until Wednesday, and whenever we travel, we take a lot of outfit pictures. So believe it or not, but today I can actually share a little bit more than the weeks before.

What happened the past week

I spent most time of the past week in Greece and had an amazing time. We were there for work, but also extended the trip for two more nights. We were in Greece – Crete to be exact – together with Gant and Land Rover Experience who teamed up with the hotel Daios Cove. We got to explore the island by car and did two out of three tours they offer. I won’t share all the details about these tours today, because I will write a blog post about it and share it next week or the week after. Other than the tours, we also had some free time and spent all of it at the hotel. We had an amazingly beautiful room with a private pool and sea view and wanted to make the most out of our stay there. We had some relaxing hours by the pool, ate a look of greek food and also got to enjoy the beach and the crystal clear water.
We arrived back in Berlin on Wednesday around noon and spent the next days catching up on work. We also saw our families and had a couple of meetings before it was time to start the weekend. Oh, and we also went to Ikea – finally – to buy me a work desk for our home. I used to work on our dining table, which wasn’t the best solution and now I finally have a small working area at home as well 🙂

Travel Recommendation

You guys have to travel to Greece. It was my first time there, and I really enjoyed it. I have only seen a little bit of Crete so far, but what I’ve seen is amazingly beautiful. And I really want to come back to see even more as well as travelling to other Greek islands. The landscape in Crete is impressive. You can find mountains as well as beautiful beaches there. What I like best is, that you will find hidden beaches in the south with almost no tourists. You know, that I always try to avoid touristy places and in Crete you can definitely find some calm and amazingly beautiful ones. Have you ever been to Greece and Crete in particular?

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