After one and a half day in Paris, I am back in Berlin and back at the office today. I will tell you more about this trip very soon – I hope I will have the time to write down everything until Monday – but today you have to put up with another summer outfit. It is an outfit I was wearing on one of those beautiful warm and sunny days here in Berlin, and it actually is one of my favourites. I was wearing it on a quite eventful Sunday when I was spending some time outside with my boyfriend and had an event in the afternoon. It was a very warm day in Berlin, so I needed an outfit I could wear outside as well as inside because the event took place at a cinema and we all know, that cinemas can be very chilly. So what did I ended up wearing? You can read everything about the outfit I chose and have a closer look at some outfit pictures in the following:

Yellow Skirt

First of all: it actually isn’t a skirt, it is a skort! But at least it looks like a skirt 😉 I actually had to decide between two different styles, both are yellow. One was this skort, and the other one was a real skirt. I ended up with the skort because I really enjoy wearing skirts at the moment, but shorts are much more comfortable and handy. Skorts combine both, so it seemed to be the best option to go for this one.

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V-Neck Choker Shirt

As I mentioned before, I had to put together an outfit that would work for being outside in the sun AND a visit to the cinema where it usually gets quite chilly. That’s why I combined my new skort with another piece I found at Zara: a black shirt with a button-down front and a choker. I think I got this shirt on sale and even though I first wasn’t sure whether to take it or not, I am so happy I kept it. The reason why I first wasn’t sure is that this shirt is quite short. I could barely stick it into the skirt; it worked at the front only… I think it should work very well with a high-waisted pair of shorts or skirt, but not with a “regular” cut.

I didn’t mind that I could stick it into the skirt at the front only because it looks good anyways. 😉 And I am sure I will wear this shirt quite often because it will upgrade so many outfits. It is a simple shirt, but has all these details that make it look very interesting, don’t they? The v-neck, the button-down front, the choker and the bow in the back (I am sorry, we didn’t take a picture of the back detail, but you can see it from the side in one of the pictures). How do you like the shirt?

That day I wanted to keep it very simple, that’s why I finalised this outfit by adding my Birkenstock shoes, my round Ray Ban sunglasses, the pieces of jewellery I am wearing every day as well as my Agneel bag. It is one of those outfits I would wear either at the office, a meeting or on a relaxed day at the weekend. It fits many occasions, and you can simply change the whole look by wearing a different pair of shoes.

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