Last Saturday was such a beautiful day in Berlin. We still had temperatures around zero degrees, but the sun was shining almost all day long. Of course, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and finally shot a new outfit somewhere OUTSIDE. It was the first real outfit shoot in 2016 – the ones we did inside and in the studio do not count 😉

Casual in Winter Wonderland

You already know that I’m not a big winter fan. But one thing I like about winter is snow and ice in combination with the sunshine. But only when it’s sunny. When it’s gloomy and dark outside the snow doesn’t look as beautiful as when it’s sunny, does it? 🙂 I wanted to take full advantage of the sunny weather and the snow, that’s why we were looking for a location where the snow was still white. When you’re living in a big city like Berlin you probably know what I’m talking about 😉

Since it was, the weekend I was wearing a very casual outfit. I opted for a simple combination of black, white and grey and layered a few garments to stay warm: a top, a white shirt and a grey sweater. It’s a very simple and casual outfit. Perfect for a stroll on the weekend. 🙂 What do you think about it?

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