It’s the new year, we are just back at the office after a couple of days off, and some of you might have some problems finding new inspiration and topics to write about. Sometimes there are those points where we’re kind of blocked, where we have no ideas at all. It can happen now and then, it doesn’t have to be a problem right now, but I’m sure you know this problem as well 🙂 That’s why I want to share 25 ideas for you next blog posts today. Maybe they can help you to overcome this blockade.

  1. What’s In My Bag (Travel Edition, Eveyday Life, Gym Bag, …)
  2. Workout Routine
  3. Random Facts About Me
  4. Blogging Tips
  5. Make-Up Routine
  6. Favourite Make-Up
  7. Home Tour
  8. Shopping Wishlist
  9. Favourite Sale Finds
  10. Instagram Tips
  11. Style Diaries
  12. Trend Report
  13. Weekly Update
  14. Follow Me Around
  15. Favourite Movies and/or Series
  16. Outfit Inspirations
  17. Mood Board
  18. Lifestyle Tips (How to …, What to do when…)
  19. Favourite Recipes
  20. Eating Routine
  21. Wardrobe Essentials
  22. Preview: What is coming next on the blog
  23. Hairstyle Tutorials
  24. Hairstyle and Make-Up Inspiration
  25. Places you want to see

I hope these tips will give you new inspiration. Do you have some blog posts ideas as well? Would love to read your ideas, so I can write them down for my next blockade 😉 Enjoy your day folks! xx