The winter brings bitter cold, coupled with often wet and uncomfortable weather. The best way to prepare for this is to wear a warm winter jacket and a thick winter coat. But you can do this in a really stylish way because the fashion houses have plenty of trend pieces in their range for the winter jacket trends 2021. On the catwalks of the metropolises, the styles for winter jackets and winter coats present themselves extravagant and voluminous and invite you to take long walks in winter temperatures.

But this winter season you can also find classic styles like the Ladies Winter Quilted Coat or the Winter Quilted Jacket. The Oversize Coat Trend is absolutely versatile and has countless trend pieces in the form of XXL coats in an oversize look.

Also, the winter coat Maxi length presents itself in many different variations this season and keeps wonderfully warm on cold winter days.

This winter is cuddly soft and infinitely cozy with the Fake Fur coat for ladies. The coat fake fur ladies not only dresses enormously but is also super comfortable. Teddy fur coats are back this season and give every outfit the ultimate flair.

And last but not least, the Winter Jackets Trends 2021 feature elegant as well as sporty-chic capes and ponchos that could not be more diverse. It will be exciting again to discover the numerous trends of the winter season.

The Trend Pieces of the season Winter 2021

Quilted jackets & quilted coats – timelessly elegant

The ideal companions for this season are the quilted ladies’ winter coat and the winter quilted jacket. These can be found in several different variations. A long quilt coat for ladies or a maxi quilt coat for ladies are wonderfully warm and invite you to spend some time with your best friend while drinking coffee in winter. Also, a mulled wine at the Christmas market becomes a relaxed pleasure with a quilted coat ladies winter long. The Quilted Coat in ankle-length pep up the look even on the coldest winter days. This does not only sound comfortable but is also ultramodern! An oversize quilted coat looks super stylish with hip Combat Boots. Besides the winter quilted coat, you can also find the short quilted jacket for women this season. The short quilted jacket has numerous variations with sophisticated details under the fashion trends 2021. For chilly winter temperatures, the oversize quilted jacket Ladies fits perfectly, for not so cool days the thin quilted jacket Ladies is recommended. Combined with jeans, a quilted jacket ladies in blue looks absolutely stylish. Or how about a down quilted jacket for ladies? With it, you can enjoy the winterly splendor during a long walk warm and cuddly.

Winter down coat – countless styles for cold winter days

One of the most important trends this winter is the down coat and down jacket filled with lots of fluffy down. These brave the coldest temperatures and the coldest wind. The buffer coats are not only ultra-comfortable but also super cool. This season, the down coat Maxi Length is the most popular, with the tips of the shoes just sticking out. So that you can still get a glimpse of the slim figure underneath, a matching belt is simply looped around the waist. The down jacket oversize looks great when combined with leggings or slim-fit jeans. 

Down coats from Canada Goose

Our absolute favorite are the maxi down coats from Canada Goose. The Mystique Parka is an absolute classic here, which Canada Goose has already had in its range for years. But also the Alliston Parka meets the current trend. These long down coats from Canada Goose keep super warm, look stylish and are also pleasantly light, which leads to a high wearing comfort. We love the long coats for the winter and often go for an even bigger size for an oversized fit. Due to that you can wear one or two additional layers underneath. At the same time you can keep up with the oversized trend. The final look meets two of the current trends: long coats as well as oversized coats.

If you want to re-equip your winter wardrobe, a down jacket Ladies Oversize is the best choice. The Women’s Down Jacket Oversize is the perfect choice for countless outfits throughout the winter. How about a down jacket for ladies in black, for example? Add a scarf in trendy bright colors and you have the perfect winter outfit!

XXL Coats & Oversize Coat Trend

The fashion trends of winter jackets and winter coats present themselves with a lot of volume in this winter season 2021. The winter coat extra long keeps you wonderfully warm and reaches almost to the floor. The freezing cold temperatures can easily come, so you can make the ladies’ coat extra long. An extra-long ladies coat is perfect for women of tall stature because it emphasizes their height. Rather smaller women can of course help with high heels and winter boots with high heels. An extra-long coat is also good to combine with skinny jeans or noble leather leggings. The oversize variant also continues with the wool coats. A black oversize coat looks especially noble. 

Fake fur & teddy fur

This season everything is absolutely hip that is made of fake fur. In addition you can find a lot of teddy fur for coats and jackets. But real fur is a real no-go for the fashion trends 2021. The teddy fur coat long is mainly plain in brown, beige, white or black. Those who prefer it gaudy can also discover models in the trendy bright colors for themselves. A beige teddy coat is just as stylish as a white teddy coat. Or how about a fake fur coat in black? A teddy coat beige can be combined wonderfully with skinny jeans or black leather leggings. A beige teddy coat is perfect to combine anyway and there are endless possibilities. Also, the teddy jacket for ladies in black or a fake fur coat for ladies in black is the ideal companion this winter. A fake fur coat is ultramodern and also wonderfully warm. The Teddy Coat long is also to be found among the Winter Jackets Trends 2021 as well as the Teddy Coat Oversize – a guarantee for a pleasantly warm feeling on cold days!

Capes & Ponchos for the elegant look

Also this season you can find the popular capes and ponchos among the fashion trends. These have the advantage that they can be used very variably. If the temperatures are not quite so cold, wear a cape poncho ladies just directly over your outfit and you will have it nice and warm. If it gets fresh and uncomfortable outside, you can pull your poncho over your jacket and set fashionable accents. Not quite as thick fabrics can also be worn as an outfit for the office or to go out for coffee, because such a poncho is as stylish as it is comfortable. Among the fashion trends for winter 2021, you will also find the trend coat with a cape. In this version, the cape is integrated into the coat and gives this trend piece that certain something.

Winter jackets and winter coats for the winter season 2021 show themselves from their most cuddly side and keep nice and warm. They can be combined endlessly and offer plenty of scope for your own taste. The coats and jackets with lots of volume in an oversize look are the absolute hit. One thing is for sure: winter is guaranteed not to harm the ladies, because with the Trend Pieces they are perfectly equipped for wind and weather. Have fun exploring them!