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And it’s time to share the last pictures taken in Portugal. This time it’s not one of the outfits I was wearing while exploring Cascais or Lisbon, it is one of the “outfits” I was wearing on our first day. As I mentioned before, the first day was the only sunny and warm day, so it was the only day we had the chance to enjoy some time by the rooftop pool. Of course, it was too cold to go for a swim, but it was nice to lay down in the sun for a little while. We had to find a corner that was wind-protected because otherwise, it would have been a little bit chilly. But without the wind, it got quite hot in the sunshine. 🙂

White Swimsuit with Lacing

There’s not much to say about this outfit because it’s actually only a swimsuit. But why not talking about this beautiful swimsuit? I have to admit that white swimsuits are a little bit tricky. I tried many swimsuits in this colour, but they’re usually quite unflattering. Even though I knew, that there was only a little chance that this swimsuit would look good, I wanted to give it a try and ordered it. When I received it, I first was happy to see that the fabric is very thick – plus point no. 1. I tried it on at home, and it was love at first sight! I felt super comfortable and liked the look. Of course, I didn’t have the best light at home, but I liked what I saw in this light 🙂

The moment of truth came when we were in Portugal. Because a white swimsuit can look good when you try it on at home, but it can look entirely different when you’re outside in the sun. Luckily this one looks even nice in the sun, and I still felt comfortable in it, so it definitely wasn’t a mispurchase.

I always wanted a nice white swimsuit, and now I finally have one. Additionally, I do not only love the colour and the fact that it fits well, but I also love the lacing at the back. This is the detail I’m most excited about. The laces are a little bit long, but we simply looped at twice to solve this “problem”. All in all, it’s a beautiful swimsuit, an eyecatcher I feel very comfortable in 🙂 That day I only added a pair of sunglasses and the bracelets as well as the rings I’m wearing every day, and that’s it. It is the perfect pool outfit if you can call it an outfit… I can’t wait to wear this swimsuit again, but I already know that I probably won’t wear it in Berlin. The days I can wear swimwear in Berlin are very rare, and when there’s one of those days, I will probably put on a bikini to work on my tan 😉 This swimsuit covers too many parts of my body, imagine how it would look like if my belly would be all white while my legs and arms are super tanned.

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