It seems to be a throwback kinda week because I’m finally sharing the last unpublished pictures from July with you. Yesterday I showed you the pictures we took at the Holi Festival in Berlin and today I want to share these pictures we took while the sun was going down in Berlin. It was one of those really hot days, so we couldn’t do a lot at daytime. That’s why we decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunset. Well, it’s not as beautiful as a sunset by the sea, but there’s something magical about a sunset in the city as well, isn’t it?

When the sun goes down in Berlin

I love summer in Berlin. Summer months in Berlin are the only months I don’t want to escape to the sea. Of course I always miss the sea and could spend a whole year at the seaside, but I think there’s nothing like summer in Berlin. You have like endless possibilities to spend your days: at one of the seas, in a park, an open-air bath or a beer garden etc. . Since we have to spend most of the daytime at the office, we always try to enjoy the evenings to the fullest. But that’s not so bad because usually it’s more pleasant in the evening thank it is at daytime, and you get the chance to enjoy some beautiful sunsets.

We wanted to take advantage of one of those sunsets, so I met Rossella, a photographer from Italy, on a hot summer day in July to take these beautiful pictures. I was wearing a total black look: black maxi dress, black high heels and my black hat. Haven’t worn this one for a while, because I’m still not sure if it suits me or not.. Maybe I just have to get used to it x) What do you think about the pictures? I hope you like them as much as I do. 🙂

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Photos: Rossella De Berti