Those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook might already know, that I spent almost three days in Munich last week. We had only one full day in this city because the other two days were one day of arrival and one day of departure. Since we came by car – we were driving about 6 hours each day – we didn’t have much time left of these two days. But anyway, we weren’t in Munich for holidays, so it fit our plans.

One Day in Munich

I can’t tell you a lot about what we did on our one day in Munich because it’s part of a big project we’re working on, and we can’t reveal it at that moment. Unfortunately, it’ll take a few more months before I can tell you more, but let’s hope I’ll be able to tell you everything about at the beginning of 2016.

So what did we do in Munich excluding the big secret? ūüėČ well, most of the time we were working on the project and of course on other stuff, but we had the chance to see a little bit of the city as well. So we spent an hour at Maximilianstra√üe strolling through the stores. I didn’t buy anything but got some inspirations for autumn. ūüôā So that’s it. As you see, we didn’t do a lot but working in Munich, but it was nice to be in another city for three days.

Abandoned Factory Building

I absolute love locations like this one, an abandoned factory building. I have to confess, it was a little scary, because you hear noises everywhere, but it was definitely worth it. Berlin has a lot of locations like this one, but, unfortunately, it isn’t allowed to enter them. Not that this is the reason we didn’t use one of Berlin’s abandoned buildings and places as a shooting location ūüėČ I would love to, but most of them far from where we usually shoot. What do you think about locations like this one we found in Munich?

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