You have no idea how long I have been looking for a pair of flat overknee boots. The ones I found either didn’t look good, weren’t available in my size or just too short. I have been looking for a pair of overknee boots for years! The main problem was that they are usually only available up to size 41 and even though I sometimes fit into a 41, I usually go for a 42 when buying boots. First of all, because they are often more comfortable and secondly I can wear warm socks when the boots are in size 42. 😉

Even though it took me years to finally find the perfect overknee boots, I had the chance to look every single year. Why? Because overknee boots never go out of fashion! And this year I started to look early (I usually never had to search before October, because it always was still warm in September) and I was successful. Well, I again ordered and tried many, many pairs – seven pairs in total – until I finally found the ones you can see me wearing here. But well, I found them and now I can wear them as often as I want and I don’t have to search the web and stores any longer.

How to wear overknee boots

The main reason why I wanted overknee boots, so badly was that I am a huge fan of how they look in combination with dresses and skirts. I actually don’t really like how overknees look worn in combination with jeans, but maybe I will change my mind during colder autumn and winter days.

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But as long as it is warm enough in Berlin, I will combine my overknees with dresses and skirts. And oh, I have so many outfit ideas in mind. Too bad, it’s raining all the time at the moment, and I can’t really wear them. Fortunately, we had some very nice autumn days before these rainy days. It was warm and sunny in Berlin, and I took full advantage of the weather and wore the overknees for the first (and so far only) time. I combined them with a black dress you have seen on the blog before. As you can see, it is the dress with the star pattern I got earlier this year from Pimkie. The actual plan was to combine the overknee boots with a simple black dress, but guess what? I don’t have any simple black dresses! That’s something I have to change as soon as possible.

But I think the star pattern dress worked very well too, don’t you agree? 🙂 Due to the star pattern the whole outfit looks a little bit more casual and less chic and maybe it looks even more interesting. A simple black dress maybe would have been a bit too formal. But I will for sure search the web for a nice black dress, and I will try the combination of these overknees and a black dress as soon as I find one.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the overknee boots. Do you like this trend or not? And have you already found the perfect pair of overknees? If so, let me know where you found them, because I may want to buy a pair of heeled overknee boots as well. You know, you can never have too many pairs of shoes 😉 And sometimes a heeled boot works much better than a flat one.

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