As you should know by now, we weren’t in Lisbon on vacation. It partly was a vacation, I would call it “Workation,” instead, because we were working there most of the time. Due to the fact that it was some kind of a business trip, I had a lot of casual chic outfits with me. I didn’t bring my most comfortable clothes only, I also brought some office wear and mixed comfortable and chic pieces. That’s why the travel outfit I am sharing with you today might be a little bit uncommon. But I was actually wearing this outfit on one of the days, we didn’t have to work and went exploring Lisbon. I usually would have been wearing sneakers, but I didn’t bring any sneakers with me.

So the travel outfit I am about to share with you is a casual chic travel outfit and definitely not what I would usually wear. Nevertheless, it is, for sure, something you can wear to explore a new city as long as the shoes you are wearing comfortable. And mine are super comfy! Read more about the outfit I was wearing in the following:

Is wearing a casual chic outfit to explore a city a good idea?

To answer the question: yes, it is! Wearing a casual chic outfit is always a good idea no matter what you are up to. As I mentioned before, the most important is, that the outfit you are wearing is comfortable and adequately to the temperatures. We were fortunate with the temperatures in Lisbon because we got to enjoy around 20°C and a lot of sunshine. We definitely couldn’t have asked for more at the beginning of November. The only issue I had was the cold wind that started blowing every day around 4 pm. Luckily I always had a jacket or this blazer with me.

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The casual parts of this outfit are for sure the jeans as well as the basic black t-shirt. For the chic touch, I added a black blazer, black slippers as well as my Maison Heroine bag. As you can see, it is a very simple outfit combination, nothing too fancy. It is the kind of outfit I could wear every single day and not only when on vacation. I would wear it on a day spent at the office in Berlin or when meeting up with friends as well. And these are only two examples.

If you don’t have a pair of comfortable black slippers, you could also wear a pair of white or black sneakers. When wearing a pair of white sneakers I would probably wear a white t-shirt instead of the black one, maybe even something with a cute print or writing at the front. It also is possible to transfer this outfit into a chicer one by wearing a different pair of jeans or a pair of pants. But since we are talking about a travel outfit today, this is not of further interest. So what is left to say? Well, I think everything is said, there is nothing more I could add. But if you have any questions about this outfit or travel outfits in general, leave me a comment or send me a message and I would love to answer it – or at least try to answer it 😉 I would also love to hear, what you usually wear when you are on vacation. In this specific case, I would love to hear what you wear on a city trip because I already know the answer to a summer vacation: BIKINIS all day! Oh, how amazing would a summer vacation be right now? And yes, I know that I came back from Bali only three weeks ago. But guess what? It doesn’t feel like three weeks; it feels as if I came back three months ago :(( Someone, please take me somewhere warm and sunny!

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