Another year passed by and today we are celebrating six years Damn it; it’s crazy how time flies! Last year I was so busy and caught up with work that I completely forgot my “baby’s” birthday. And I have to admit, I almost forgot it again! But last week I had this moment of fear because I thought I forgot it. I looked it up on my blog and realised with relief, that I had one more week to go. Phew!

Due to the fact, that I forgot it last year, I wrote a super last-minute post, took some random cake pictures and wasn’t happy with the result at all. I made a promise and told myself, that I would take more time this year, take adequate pictures and don’t write the post last-minute. So what can I say: I failed! Of course, I postponed it to the next day over and over again, and now I am sitting here on Tuesday evening, thinking about what I could write.

First of all, I am very thankful that I am still here and able to share all these posts here on the blog with you guys! I am so thankful for being my own boss, creating the life I want to live and being with the ones I love. But I am also thankful for your support. I am actually most thankful for your support because all this wouldn’t be possible without you! You are the reason why I keep on sharing my outfits, my travels and inspirations. You are the reason why I get up every morning thinking about what I could come up with next. You are the reason why I am always thinking about what I could do better. You keep me, motivated guys. So thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


But it is not only time to say thank you – I should do this more often -, it is also time to recall the past year. I love looking back to see where I came from and where I am today. A lot can change in only a year, and it definitely did here on the blog. continued growing, the blog as well as my social media account. We were able to work with even more brands than we did before, started new collaborations and built on existing relations. Due to those fantastic collaborations, we were able to create new content, again and again, to keep you guys inspired as well as informed. I am thankful for every brand we get to work with because every single collaboration is a new experience and it only brings us further and never back! Every collaboration gives us the chance to learn from mistakes and to get better or to learn more about what we do very well already 😉 I mean, not everything has to be seen from its negative side. I hope we will be able to continue working with these brands and build new relations the upcoming year, the seven-year itch. Uh-oh.

Other than working with brands, I also had the chance to travel a lot the past year – another thing that wouldn’t be possible without the blog. I tried to get together where I travelled to the past year, and I am sure, that I forgot a couple of trips. But here is what I remember:

– December 2016: Madrid together with Neosens
– January 2017: Sri Lanka with my boyfriend and Malmö together with Kronaby
– February 2017: Surfing in Morocco together with Vanessa
– March 2017: celebrating my 25th birthday in Cascais, Portugal
– June 2017: Amsterdam with my boyfriend, PR trip to Vienna together with Vero Moda, Paula’s Choice and Vöslauer and last but not least a PR trip to Paris together with Havaianas
– July 2017: Barcelona for shooting with Otaduy
– August 2017: Amsterdam with my siblings to celebrate my brother’s 21st birthday
– October 2017: PR trip to London together with Wella Professionals and the most exciting trip of the year: Bali and Lombok
– November 2017: Lisbon and Cascais again
I kept a quite good balance between holidays and business trips I think. 🙂 And even though it is amazing to travel to all those amazingly beautiful places and to see the world, I do not always have the time to explore them. Whenever I travel with a brand, the schedule is quite tight, and I don’t get to see a lot of the city we’re travelling to. Sometimes I am lucky and have a couple of hours free time before the flight back, but I usually don’t. And even when I have some time, I am often too exhausted to explore. That’s why the travels I do together with my boyfriend are always my favourites!


My highlights this year were Sri Lanka and Bali. I didn’t think, that the Sri Lanka trip could be topped, but our trip to Bali was even better! I fell in love with this island and want to go back as soon as possible. I also fell in love with Portugal this year and am now thinking about getting a holiday apartment there someday 😉 Let’s see what the future brings… well, that actually doesn’t’ have to do with the blog in the narrower sense. But I just wanted to have it mentioned.

So the two main things I am very thankful for and that shaped the past blog year where the collaborations as well as travels. Of course, there are many other things I am thankful for and that shape my daily work as well as my life in general. I also love going to events, meeting new people and seeing everyone I met a while ago again and again. 🙂 It is amazing how some of these became friends!

Now let’s focus on year number seven. Let’s make it an even better year than the sixth year was. I want to travel, even more, take you with me to all those beautiful places, work with brands and create interesting content for you guys and move forward. I can’t wait to see what the seventh year has in petto. And I hope you guys are as curious as I am and will follow me along another year. If there is anything you would like to read on the blog, please don’t hesitate and leave me a comment. xx