On the 31st of December, I shared the last post here on the blog, and it has been quite calm on the blog since then. The reason? I want to change a couple of things in 2018! With Instagram and social media, in general, the blogging business isn’t what it used to be anymore. Things changed, new opportunities popped up, and this resulted in a lot of work. The last months of 2017 were very busy and stressful, and I had to realise that I can’t do anything on my own. That’s why we advertise a vacancy in November. So that’s the first change I want to talk about today.

Advertising a vacancy was a huge step for us, we didn’t know what to expect and how it would work. But I am more than happy to tell you, that we found someone and since the first of January Whaelse.com has a new team member, who will help me with a lot of things. That’s the first big change, which will lead to many more changes and hopefully exciting things!

This week we already thought about what we could change content related on the blog. We want to share more quality content giving you a real added value instead of sharing five to seven posts a week. Last months I tried to update the blog that often a week and sometimes it resulted in less quality. Let’s go back to “Quality over Quantity”!

Content related we want to change the following:
I will continue sharing my weekly recap every Sunday, but it will be more structured and give you more value. Of course, I will still tell you more about what happened the week before, but I will only share the highlight and not all the tedious hours spent at the office 😉 I also will share all the looks I was wearing the week before, the posts I shared on the blog as well as the three most-liked Instagram posts. In addition to this, I also want to share one recommendation with you every week. This recommendation can be regarding a book, an article, a series, a restaurant, a travel destination, a movie, … I read and watch a lot every week and why not sharing my favourite(s) with you?! I know, that you love to read and watch series and movies as well.

Other than that I will also continue sharing outfit inspirations. I will share two to three outfits every week the way I used in the past weeks. Additionally, I will revive something I stopped sharing in 2015: 4 Days 4 Ways as well as Mood Week. Both will be published once a month.
4 Days 4 Ways will be almost the same as it used to be: it will be all about one piece of clothing, and I will put together four different outfits to show you how you can style this piece. Currently, the fashion industry is all about fast fashion meaning that there are no longer only two new collections coming out every year. We buy new clothes almost every month and barely wear it, sometimes we don’t wear it at all, and it just hangs in our closet with its tag still on.


I am not a fan of fast fashion at all. I think we should invest in high-quality products, that may be more expensive but will be worn more often. When we buy something more expensive, we think before we buy, it won’t be an impulse purchase. And to show you, that you can put together as many different outfits with one piece of clothing as with a lot of different ones, I want to share a 4 Days 4 Ways post every month.
Mood Week is the other categories I stopped sharing a while ago. And we won’t do it the way we did in 2014 and 2015; we modified the concept a little bit. With every Mood Week post, we will give you five to seven outfit options regarding one topic aka mood. This can be everything from a print to a colour or an occasion. We will share a Mood Week post once a month and your wishes and ideas for topics are much appreciated, so don’t hesitate to share them.

In addition to 4 Days 4 Ways and Mood Week, there will be one beauty related as well as one fitness related post every month as well. These are two categories I already have here on the blog, but I barely share posts related to them. But I know it is something you are interested in, so why not creating beauty and fitness content more often 🙂

I hope you will enjoy seeing these changes on the blog. And guys, if there is anything you would like to see and read more about here on the blog, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. I would love to know what you are most interested in. xx