After a short break it’s time for the second half of all my looks and all the pictures shot in Thailand! Whoop Whoop! But this little break was nice as well, wasn’t it? For me it was kind of an reality check. 😉 Since I’m still posting all the Thailand photos, it doesn’t feel like we’re back for good. My mind is still in Thailand. So it was nice to share some looks shot in Berlin for a change. Nevertheless I’m happy to show you one of my favourite outfits we shot in Thailand.

Lace Playsuit and the Taste of Summer

Maybe it’s one of my favourite looks from Thailand because I like this lace playsuit a lot! Whenever I’m travelling somewhere sunny and warm, I take at least one white garment with me, because I love to wear white when I’m tanned. 😉 Who doesn’t love the contrast of a white shirt and a tanned body?! So this white playsuit from VILA just HAD to come with me. It’s a little bit too big, but I was very happy about that fact because it was damn hot that day. But next time I’ll probably add a belt to give shape to it and to make it look more interesting. How would you wear it?

It’s the taste of summer I’m missing a lot. The salty air, the ocean, the sand, the fresh fruits and cold drinks. My skin and mood were so much better in Thailand. Especially my skin doesn’t like the fact that we’re back in not-so-warm Berlin. 😉 But it’s already getting warmer and the sun is shining longer each day. I can’t wait for beautiful spring days and, of course, for summer. But I’m so looking forward to spring. It’s my favourite season and I missed it last year because I was in Australia. So hurry up spring! I can’t wait to see you again.

Folks, what is your favourite season? Do you prefer cold or the warm/hot weather? Leave me a comment. xx

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