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All black outfit and an Iced Coffee

Before I'm sharing the first Fashion Week Berlin Outfits, I have two looks we shot last week I want to share first. And after wearing high heels and a look I wouldn't wear in my everyday life, this looks is exactly what I would like to wear today ;) Those high heels killed me yesterday,…

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About Rollercoaster and Cotton Candy

We all have this inner child inside us, no matter if we’re 20, 30 or 60 years old. Usually we have to behave like adults, we have to be reasonable and examplary, but there are some places where we don’t have to. My favourite place, where I really have fun and act like a child…

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Day 4

It's over! No more events and no more shows for this season. It was an exhausting but exciting week and I don't know, if I'm happy or sad that it's over now. Anyways, it's not over on the blog, because I still have some outfits as well as my favourite looks from the shows I…

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Day 3

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is almost over, only one more day to go and luckily it's going to be a relaxed one! ;) My feet hurt and I won't wear any high heels for the next days, maybe weeks! But back on topic: as I told you several times, the third Fashion Week Day was…

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