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Rich & Royal

You all know how much I LOVE leather jackets! Actually I really don't know how many leather jackets I own right now... but I really love all of them, because each has something special - all of them are not created equal! :) Today I would like to introduce the newest member of my leather…

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well-prepared with my Pepe Jeans leather jacket

Autumn is here and sometimes it can be really hard to dress and prepare for this season. It's gloomy and rainy and to be honest: it's hard to get out of bed. The autumn weather can be depressing, especially when it is gloomy and cold. It's important to have the right garments in your wardrobe,…

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Two things I really like: bomber jackets and garments with little details. That's why it is not surprising that I love this Zara jacket I bought earlier this year. Embroidered Bomber Jacket Bomber jackets are definitely still in fashion and they're perfect for the fall season, aren't they? I own a few bomber jackets, but…

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Levi’s 501

With regards to the Live in Levi's® Press Launch I told you yesterday about, I want to share my outfit of this day with you as well. Did I have a choice but wearing my Levi's 501 shorts? Not really! ;) I created a simple look, because I wanted to set the focus on the…

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Don’t take life too seriously

My advice for the weekend: don't take life too seriously. It's important to enjoy every single moment and to laugh a lot. Start your days with a smile and it will be a good day - just give it a try :) As you probably can see I had a lot of fun shooting these…

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