Sweatpants – the ultimate must-have of the season

Sweatpants are only something for the couch at home? Far from it! What was more suitable for the cozy comfort of your own four walls, becomes absolutely presentable this season and must be worn extensively. You can find them as jogger pants ladies elegant, in high-waist style, as jogging sets oversize for women as well as in the ladies jogger set. Whether in gray, white or black – the jogger pants ladies belong in any case in the closet this year and complement it perfectly. Skillfully combined, they can be worn versatile and are still enormously practical. The wide cut is comfortable to wear and the fabric of the cotton jogging suit for women is usually soft and cozy. Paired with different outfits in the form of tops, shoes, and accessories, women’s jogger pants immediately look very different and reinvent themselves again and again. Designers also see the trend and bring sweatpants on the market in abundance. Thereby you are guaranteed to find exactly the right thing for your very own taste.

The sweatpants very casual

As the name suggests, sweatpants are actually designed for jogging, i.e. for sports. In this function, it fits perfectly and can be worn loose and casual. But a pure sports pant is the sweatpants for no longer and it is used for many different occasions. For example, rappers have found their very special favorites among sweatpants and other groupings also feel very comfortable in sweatpants. But at the moment, women’s jogger pants are experiencing a whole new craze due to the all-pervasive home office work conditioned by the current Corona situation. The oversize sweatpants are as cozy as they are practical and the ideal companion for daily use at home. Worn with a sporty t-shirt or a light sweater, you can get through the day in the best possible way. If you then want to go out the door, simply put on a pair of thick boots or sporty sneakers and wear a cozy teddy jacket or a thick down coat. An outfit with an absolute wow effect!

Elegant jogger pants for women

Just as cozy, but much more elegant, comes the sweatpants for ladies in elegant style. These are made of high-quality materials and fit perfectly. Combined with a noble blouse or a bodysuit, they really make a good outfit. Combined with pumps or stilettos, the jogger pants ladies elegant look quite different than with sports shoes or rough boots. 

Gray sweatpants – the absolute classic

What probably has pretty much everyone in his closet, are gray sweatpants for women. These represent the real classic and must not be missing, of course. Comfortable and sporty, the sweatpants gray present themselves this season from their absolute chocolate side. The sweatpants ladies gray are extremely feminine with narrow legs and skin-tight at the bottom. Worn with feminine outfits like sexy boots or pumps and pretty tops, as well as spiced up with classy accessories like handbags and cateye sunglasses, the gray sweatpants become a real trend piece. Especially this year you can find them as gray sweatpants for ladies in high waist – worn up to over the belly button they make a particularly narrow waist. The high waist sweatpants gray is often provided with refined details such as an extra wide cuff or noble metal ends on the lacing. The gray high waist sweatpants are classically beautiful – guaranteed!

You can find such classic gray sweatpants at onweekends.com. They can be worn in a high waist style or sit lower on the hips. The fit of the trend piece is of course a bit oversized, which makes the gray sweatpants even more comfortable. Get your trend piece for the perfect model off duty style!

Jogging pants for women in black

Among the absolute trend pieces this season is of course the black sweatpants ladies high waist. They adapt variably to the respective look, show countless facets and can be combined very diversely. The sweatpants ladies black made of cotton are available from wide and cozy to tight-fitting and figure-hugging. Whether you wear a casual oversize sweater and ballerinas or combine the sweatpants with a sexy top and high heels, is up to each self-professed fashionista. You can also find a stylish black sweatpants at onweekends.de. They are made of 80% cotton, which makes them especially cuddly. In addition, all ONWEEKENDS styles come from Europe and are also produced there. That’s where the name of our in europe sweatpants comes from.

Sweatpants for women made of 100% cotton

The sweatpants made of cotton for ladies offer an extremely pleasant wearing comfort and a loose casual feeling. The fit plays a rather subordinate role, but is very variable depending on the width of the sweatpants ladies cotton – from wide and casual to tight and sexy, everything is included. Especially the use of organic cotton of the sweatpants is a real guarantee for the very best quality in this area as well. Sweatpants organic cotton for ladies bring a real feeling of well-being on the skin and you do not want to miss this new it-piece at all. The sweatpants ladies organic cotton belongs this season in any case in the home closet. Above all, with 100% cotton sweatpants you would prefer to wear nothing else. The sweat set for ladies made of cotton is the perfect companion through the day. The sweatpants ladies made of cotton – enjoy! 

Oversize jogging set for women

It is especially relaxed with the jogging set ladies oversize. Less figure-hugging, but even more comfortable are the jogger pants in an oversized look. Casual and above all absolutely trendy you are on the go and just feel good in it. The jogging suit oversize ladies combined with a down jacket, a teddy coat or even with a vest is absolutely cool and you are absolutely in the current model off duty style trend. Especially the oversized sweatpants in white is a must have! With the white oversize sweatpants you have discovered a real trend piece 2021. Wonderfully comfortable and versatile. Create your own style! 

Jogging Set for women

And so that you do not have to think long, there are the sweatpants right in the set with the matching hoodie. The ladies jogger set in completely black? Or rather a jogger set ladies in gray? No matter what you choose – with the jogger ladies set you are way ahead this season!

For the in europe sweatpants from ONWEEKENDS there are of course also matching sweaters, which you can combine super with your sweatpants. They are also mostly made of cotton and have an oversized fit for that extra comfortable look. 

If you want the ultimate oversized and comfortable fit, we suggest to get at least one size bigger than you need. The bigger the better, there’s no “too big”.

The fashionistas love it – after all, the top influencers show it off without restraint! The sweatpants are the absolute trend piece this year! If only fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld could have caught on…From him comes the famous saying, “Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life.” What might have fit in the past is absolutely outdated in 2021 – and that’s a good thing.