Unfortunately, the weather isn’t as nice as it was supposed to be this week. Well, it’s warm but it’s mostly rainy and partly very thundery. It’s almost impossible to sleep at night while it’s flashing and thundering outside. At least it’s not freezing cold. Another bad thing about the rainy, thundery weather is that we can hardly take new outfit pictures. I have so many looks I would like to shoot, but I surely don’t wanna shoot in the rain 😉 The look I’m sharing with you today is one I was wearing last week when it was not only warm but sunny.

Summer Basics for the Office

I was wearing this outfit on a day at the office. I had a lot of stuff to catch up on and barely made it outside. Luckily we have a bright room at the office, so I got to enjoy the sunshine from the inside. 🙂 On those warm and sunny days at the office, I usually choose the same kind of outfit, a combination of basics. Some of my summer basics for the office are definitely denim shorts, white sneakers and striped shirts.
My Levi’s shorts are my favourite denim shorts and I have them in three different styles x) These are the most basic ones because the other Levi’s shorts I own are studded all over or full with patches. The striped shirt I was wearing that day is a new one from Vila. It’s probably not the best choice for very warm or hot summer days, but it’s perfect for temperatures between 20 to 25°C. 🙂 Last but not least my shoes: Adidas Superstars. Do I have to say more? You already know that I like them a lot and these are even more important to me because they have my grandfather’s initials on the side. 🙂

It’s a very simple outfit, but sometimes it’s better to keep it simple. Especially when you’re spending the day at the office. What do you think about my summer basics for the office? What are yours? Looking forward to reading your comments. xx

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