I’m in love with these summer days in Berlin. I love wearing shorts, playsuits and dresses and that I don’t have to wedge myself in skinny jeans x) And I don’t mind that it’s rainy now and then as long as it’s still warm outside. I mean, there’s no objection to summer rain, is there? But the other day I was wearing this outfit there wasn’t rain at all. It was a beautiful summery day with a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. I had a couple of meetings that day and had to run errands; that’s why I opted for a comfortable and simple outfit. Read all about it in the following:

Khaki Dress and White Sneakers

Whenever I have a lot of meetings outside or running errands, I try to create as comfortable outfits as possible. Of course, they shouldn’t look to comfortable; I would never choose sweatpants or an oversized hoodie. The easiest decision is what shoes to wear because I always choose sneakers. Well, maybe not always but almost always. 😉 Sneakers are always a good idea, but it depends on the meeting if they’re appropriate or not. That day they luckily were. Since it was a warm day in Berlin, I decided to combine it with a dress. I usually would combine sneakers with shorts or a playsuit, but this time, I wanted to mix these two styles. The dress is very simple; that’s why it works very well with the sneakers.

What do you think about the combination of dresses and sneakers? Do you like my outfit combining a khaki dress with white sneakers? 🙂

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