Happy Friday! This week feels like it’s not ending at all. I had a horrible night on Monday and since then I’m super tired every single day, could fall asleep right now while I’m sitting in front of my monitor writing this new post. The weather changes all the time make me tired! Zzzzz… It’s no use moaning, lots of coffee and Red Bull are the solutions. 😉 There’s so much coming up, lots of work is waiting for me and I won’t let tiredness keep me from working. Enough complaining, time to get onto the subject of today’s new post: another outfit inspiration! I was wearing this outfit last Tuesday and will tell you all about it in the following:

Comfy Yet Chic Jumpsuit

Last Tuesday was the day after the big thunderstorm in Berlin; it was much colder than the day before and gloomy all day long. I wasn’t sure what kind of outfit to choose because it was supposed to get warm but rainy at the same time. Since I had an event that evening, I opted for an outfit I could wear from day to night without freezing. Shorts or short dresses were no options; that’s why I decided to wear this pretty one piece I bought a couple of weeks ago during sale at Urban Outfitters. It’s the perfect everyday piece no matter what your plans for that day are since it’s comfy yet chic! You can combine it with high heels or sneakers and, of course, every other kind of shoes. As you can see in the pictures, I decided to wear white sneakers that day. 😉 Seems like I’m wearing them every day lately… Anyways, they were the best option for that day, because I was on the road all day long. I left home around 9 am and came back around 10 pm.

The combination of my new one piece and white sneakers would already work itself, but I also added my embroidered leather jacket as well as a black bag and some jewels such as these two necklaces and bracelets. What do you think about it?

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