It’s time to start the weekend countdown. 😉 Hope you guys have had an amazing week so far and that the weekend is getting even better. I do not have any special plans, but what about you? Whatever it is, here is another outfit post for you. Maybe it can inspire you for your weekend look. 🙂

How to wear a Dress over Jeans

The best way to wear your favourite (summer) dress during autumn and winter? Wear it over a pair of jeans. It’s nothing new; you probably have seen it before. It’s a big trend at the moment and no longer a no-go! But it’s not only a trend but also a great way to give these two garments a new look. First I was very sceptical because I thought it would be very difficult to create a look wearing a dress over jeans. Do you want to know how to wear a dress over jeans?

The trick is to pay attention to the proportions! Well, the proportions are the most important thing here. The dress shouldn’t be too short or too long and of course not too snug. The easiest way is to try different combinations in front of your mirror. Oh, and high heels or other shoes with a heel is the best choice to make sure your legs doesn’t look short. 😉 After reading this – especially the part about the dresses length – you might wonder why I chose a maxi dress to wear it over jeans. I just had this outfit in my mind and wanted to give it a chance. It’s not that bad, isn’t it? Of course, it looks better when the dress is in motion. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about it. 🙂 Looking forward to reading your comments. xx

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