I’m alive again! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts, but I had a bad cold and was lying in bed the last week. Saturday was the first day I left my bed to celebrate my boyfriend’s and my 7th anniversary, but I still felt pretty bad. On Sunday, it was finally better, and we took advantage of it and shot these outfit pictures. The cherry on top: the sun was shining, and it was warm enough to wear shorts – probably for the last time this year.

What is PLO Print?

PLO Print or Pali Print is currently enjoying great popularity! The hype started with the classics from Lala Berlin and continued with the beautiful pieces from Cecilie Copenhagen. But there are a lot more designers capturing this trend. But this print isn’t only fashion but has a political background as well. The Pali Scarf comes originally from the Iraq. Farmers and Bedouins were wearing it as sun protection before it became a political symbol during the Middle East conflict. The movement of 1968 converted it into a symbol of freedom and even today a lot of liberal groups are wearing it as such a one. The Pali Scarf and Pali Print became more famous as a symbol of freedom than for the fascistic and anti-Jewish rebellion.

This print has a political background, and it’s important to keep this in mind before you buy a garment with Pali or PLO Print. You have to decide if you want to wear it. There is no rule if it’s allowed or not if it’s acceptable or unacceptable.

How to wear PLO-Print?

I decided for myself that I want to wear it. I want to wear it as a symbol of freedom! That’s why I bought these pretty nice shorts from Just Female the other day. For the first outfit, I created a casual and comfy yet chic outfit. What I combined my new Pali Print shorts with? A grey tee, black blazer and black boots as well as some accessories. It was the perfect look for a relaxed Sunday – especially after one week in bed 😉

Let me know what you think about the PLO Print/ Pali Print and of course if you like this look or not. xx

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