Can’t believe our Paris trip was more than a week ago, it still feels like we just came back 🙂 We had such a great time and I’m happy my boyfriend liked it as well because he actually didn’t want to travel to Paris. He just didn’t like the city even though I never visited it before 😉 But I know you can rely on Paris, so his opinion changed when he saw the beauty of this city.
Our flight was very early in the morning, so the room wasn’t ready when we arrived at the hotel. We just left our luggage there and started exploring Paris. We walked more than 16km that first day and you probably can imagine how tired and exhausted we were in the evening. Nevertheless, it was a great first day and we saw a lot of Paris. I finally saw places and things I hadn’t seen before because it was the first time I was in Paris on vacation and not to work. 🙂

Paris Outfit #1 – White Blazer and White Sneakers

The first day I was wearing a very comfortable yet chic outfit. I needed a look I could wear on the flight as well as in the city. But when you travel to Paris you want to wear high heels and chic outfits all day long. Well, that are the expectations. The truth is: you better leave your high heels at home when travelling to Paris for a weekend unless you want to walk 16km in high heels 😉 So I didn’t take high heels or other heeled shoes with me and picked my Superstars instead. But I didn’t want to create a sporty or too casual outfit. The solution: this white blazer from VILA. It might be a very uncommon combination, but I like it. To keep it simple I simply added black jeans and a black shirt as well as my Alexander McQueen scarf and that’s it. Simple, comfortable yet chic!

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