Probably you all know Alexa Chung, one of THE It-Girls in the world. It’s not possible to imagine a fashion world without her, is it? She’s an inspiration for a lot of girls and women around the world. People want to look like her and want to buy the same clothes she’s wearing.

She recently collaborated with Marks & Spencer to create a very special collection that is inspired by the archive of Marks & Spencer. Therefore, the collections name is Archive by Alexa. The collection launched in April and comprises 31 pieces. All pieces are inspired by the archive, but you can find Alexa’s style in every single piece as well. The collection is the perfect mix of chic yet casual and comfortable pieces. You can either find the perfect basics or floral and playful pieces to combine with basics. Archive by Alexa offers something for all of you, find my favourites in the following:

Archive by Alexa

1)„The-Olive“ Slip 2)„The-Nellie“ Boots 3)„The-Harry“ Dress 4)„The-Ada“ Blazer 5)„The-Helen“ Sneakers 6)„The-Edna“ Shirt

In collaboration with Marks and Spencer & Shopping Links