Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! I’m back in Berlin after two amazing days in Dusseldorf and I can’t wait to tell you everything about it. But before I give you all the details about what I did in Dusseldorf with Adidas, I want to share an outfit I was wearing a couple of days ago. It was such a beautiful day in Berlin and we decided to go for a loooong walk because we wanted to enjoy the sunshine to the fullest. The look I was wearing is one of my favourite ones recently and I would wear it that exact way again. Read everything about it in the following:

Khaki Lace Up Shirt and Embroidered Leather Jacket

I just love everything about this look: the khaki lace up shirt, my destroyed jeans, the all white Adidas Superstars and, of course, my all time favourite leather jacket with embroidery on the back. And not forgetting the accessoires such as my Joop! bag and the round sunglasses. You see, I like it a lot! 🙂

You saw most of the items before, but the shirt is new. I discovered it online at VILA a couple of weeks ago. It’s available in several colours and I first couldn’t decide which one I like best, but I ended up with the khaki one. I couldn’t be happier with my choice because I like this colour a lot. You can combine it with almost everything. If you want to keep it simple, you can combine it with black or white and if you like it a bit more colourful you can wear it in combination with blue jeans for example. I opted for the simple combination and the result is what you can see here. 🙂

Let me know what you think. xx

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