While I’m still in Dusseldorf with Adidas, I would like to share the last Amsterdam post with you today. Today’s post is a little travel guide for Amsterdam, and I’ll share some pictures I took during our trip as well. There are so many great things to do in Amsterdam, but the best you can do is to enjoy it’s beauty and to walk through the lovely streets or take a bicycle. In the following I’ll share some things you can do in Amsterdam because it’s always nice to have some points to stop at in between walking or cycling, isn’t it?

Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is definitely one of the MUST SEES when in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I have to confess, that we didn’t have the chance to go inside because the queue was way too long. But from May, you can buy tickets online and the first half of the day is for visitors with online tickets only, so you’ll probably don’t have to wait that long anymore. I’ll definitely go back to Amsterdam and buy a ticket online in advance!
At the Anne Frank House you can learn more about her family and history and, of course, you can see how they had to live! The rooms are empty, but they still breathe the atmosphere of that time. I think it’s very impressive!

Flower Market

The Flower Market of Amsterdam.. probably most of you have seen at least one picture on Instagram haven’t you? 😉 The flower market simply provides the perfect background with all the beautiful flowers. The Bloemenmarkt along the Singel is the most famous place to buy tulips in Amsterdam; you won’t believe how many different tulips exist.

Shopping & Cafés

Amsterdam is a shopper’s paradise! There are not only a lot of international brands but also Dutch brands. I love to discover brands I didn’t know before, to see what fashion in this city is about, how people dress. Amsterdam has a lot of shopping areas such as Nine Street, Waterlooplein (best for vintage shopping) or markets. But it’s not only fashion you can shop for in Amsterdam, but this city also has a lot of amazing interiors and design shops as well. Too bad I had only hand luggage so that I couldn’t buy all the beautiful things. 😉

In addition to all the beautiful shops, there are some pretty cafés to spend your time at as well. Little ones with delicious cake, small shops with macarons and chocolates and more. You should at least try the delicious apple pie you get almost everywhere!

Canal Cruise

A canal cruise is a great way to discover Amsterdam besides walking or cycling through the streets. Most canal cruises take around an hour, and you get to see a lot plus you can learn something about the cities history.

Red Light District

To be honest, I was shocked when I first realized that women are staying in the windows, presenting themselves and looking for customers. The Red Light District is part of Amsterdam and – even if it is kind of shocking – something you should see when in Amsterdam. You don’t have to spend a lot of time here, just walk through some of the streets, so you can say you’ve seen it. 😉

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