The last destination on our Taiwan trip was in the south of the island: Kenting and Kenting National Park. Imagine being in a paradise in southern Taiwan, surrounded by breathtaking nature and dreamy beaches. That’s precisely what awaits you at Kenting National Park, one of Taiwan’s most popular travel destinations. Here, we’ll tell you what Kenting has to offer and why the south of Taiwan has been the highlight of our entire trip.

Why Kenting National Park in Taiwan is so special

Kenting National Park impresses with its breathtaking natural diversity and diverse activities in the southernmost part of Taiwan. The picturesque beaches invite you to relax, while adventurers can enjoy surfing along the park’s coast. With a variety of tours and attractions, Kenting offers something special for every visitor. From the bustling activity in Kaohsiung to the relaxed atmosphere in Hengchun – modernity meets traditional culture here. An absolute highlight is the Kenting Street Food Market, where you can taste delicious Taiwanese cuisine. In Kenting National Park, you’ll experience an unforgettable adventure full of contrasts and exciting opposites.

The breathtaking natural diversity in Kenting National Park

If you are passionate about natural beauty, you will be delighted with Kenting National Park in Taiwan. The untouched nature stretching here is simply breathtaking. From dense forests to picturesque beaches, the park offers a variety of ecosystems to explore. The Eluanbi Lighthouse is said to be particularly impressive, standing at the southernmost tip of the park and offering a breathtaking view over the sea. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it there as we prioritized other activities. But next time, we would definitely go there as well.

If you are more inclined towards adventure, numerous hiking trails and viewpoints offer an unparalleled panoramic view of the surroundings.

And for those who want to spend a few relaxing hours listening to the sound of the waves and enjoying crystal-clear water, they can relax at one of the many beautiful beaches. There also are superb views amidst the park’s natural surroundings.

Activities and attractions in Kenting

There will certainly be no boredom in Kenting. In addition to the incredibly beautiful nature in the national park, the south of Taiwan has much more to offer.

For the active, hiking or water sports might be interesting. In Kenting, you can surf or go diving.

On the other hand, if you prefer relaxing days on vacation, you can spend time at the beach or stroll through the small charming towns, try the delicious food, or have a coffee at one of the beach cafes.

Pure relaxation: Beaches in Kenting

We particularly liked the beautiful beaches and coastline in Kenting. Most beaches have fine sand and crystal-clear water, and they are surrounded by rocks and plants, creating a stunning landscape.

Some of the beaches also have beach bars and showers, so you can easily spend a whole day there and relax in the laid-back atmosphere. There were loungers that you could rent, but we didn’t do that. We stayed more on the outskirts of the beaches, where there was really no one else. However, it must be said that it was far from crowded. At beaches without sports facilities or catering, there were times when no one else but us was there.

Two of our favorite beaches were Gangkou Beach and a small beach that you can find under 小灣海水浴場 on Google.

Surfing in Kenting

The main reason we wanted to go to Kenting was that you can surf there. And, of course, we did that on one of the three days there!

Kenting is an absolute surfer’s paradise in southern Taiwan. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will definitely find the perfect wave here, and the best part is that the water is far from crowded. We went surfing at Jialeshuei, a spot that is perfect for longboarders. However, since we didn’t know about this spot, we booked a surf instructor who not only explained the surf spot to us but also went into the water with us. Generally, it is something I would always do.

We booked with Afei Surf and can definitely recommend him. He spent an extra hour practicing everything with us outside the water, assessed our level, selected the right boards, and then provided excellent guidance in the water.

Surfing in Kenting was an unforgettable highlight for us. The waves were super chill, the spot was almost empty, and the backdrop was an absolute dream. We will do it again!

Culinary highlight: Kenting Street Food Night Market

The food in Taiwan didn’t disappoint anywhere, not even as a vegan. We loved the night markets in Taipei, and Kenting also has one to offer. Here, you can try various delicious dishes that showcase Taiwanese cuisine in all its glory. From traditional snacks to modern creations – there is something for every taste here. The lively atmosphere and the flavors of the different dishes are an absolute highlight; we didn’t know where to start first. Even after eating there for two nights, we hadn’t tried everything—another reason to travel to Kenting again.