We spent the last two nights in Taipei at the Roaders Plus Hotel THEME, which was also conveniently located near the Main Station Taipei. Once again, a unique hotel concept awaited us here, and the room provided the comfort and amenities needed for a city trip. But we will give a bit more detailed information on all these points below, and who knows, maybe you will soon find yourself in this amusement park in the city on your trip to Taipei.

The concept of Roaders Plus Hotel THEME in Taipei

Those who have read the title can probably guess what the concept of Roaders Plus Hotel THEME in Taipei is based on. That’s right, an amusement park. Who wants to stay in boring hotels when you can turn your stay into a real highlight?

When you enter the hotel lobby, it feels like walking into a small amusement park. A carousel, a seating area in the form of cars, a game room, and much more catch your eye immediately.

The playful decor definitely lifts spirits and brings joy. Life is a party, traveling should be fun, and you should never forget the child within you – that’s precisely what Roaders Plus Hotel THEME reminds you of.

The location and surroundings of the hotel

As mentioned before, Roaders Plus Hotel THEME is located directly at the Main Station Taipei. Here, you have easy access to several metro lines and the express train to the airport. There is also a mall and many shopping options.

On foot, you can quickly reach the area north of the Main Station, where you can explore Dihua Street and Ningxia Night Market. The red and blue metro lines quickly take you to the eastern part of Taipei.

Rooms and facilities at Roaders Plus Hotel THEME

The hotel offers different room categories, catering to everyone’s needs. We stayed in a Premium Double Room, which offered a lot of space. The Premium Double Rooms are about 27 square meters in size and feature a double bed, a desk, a minibar, a bathroom with a shower, and a Smart TV. Our highlight was the Japanese-style TOTO toilet, with heating and all the bells and whistles.

Located on the 11th floor, we had a great view of the city, which was an absolute highlight in addition to the lobby area and the cozy room.

We have already mentioned the lobby, but there is still much more to discover here. At lunchtime, there are free fresh snacks to eat, and another snack bar is available in the carousel 24/7. There is also a 24/7 Laundromat, a movie area, and a game room.

Activities around the hotel

Due to its perfect location at the Main Station, you can easily reach everywhere. You can directly ride to Taipei 101 or the starting point of the Elephant Mountain Trails. You can also walk to Dihua Street and Ningxia Night Market.

A bit closer and easily accessible by metro is the Huashan 1914 Creative Park—a super exciting area with art galleries and exhibitions, restaurants, and small stores.

Even if you are planning a day trip to the outskirts of Taipei, Roaders Plus Hotel THEME is perfectly located as a starting point. Trains and buses run in all directions around and from the Main Station, and sometimes you can even reach your destination without changing trains comfortably.