Happy Tuesday and happy new week folks! The long weekend is over and it’s time to get back to business as usual 😉

Box-Shaped Sweater

This oversized, box-shapes sweater from Zara is everything when it comes to cold and gloomy days. Some of you might say that a sweater like this one is unflattering and something you should wear at home and nowhere else, but I say it all depends on the combination you choose. Of course, if you combine an oversized or box-shaped sweater with a pair of wide boyfriend jeans or sweatpants or other pants like this, it’s probably not the best choice. You better choose a pair of skinny jeans, just as I did the other day. 🙂

Black and White

It was a busy day full of meetings, that’s why I opted not only a pair of skinny jeans but also a classic black and white combination to make this box-shaped sweater look less baggy and casual. Last but not least I added heeled booties and a clutch as well as jewellery for a chic touch.

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