Oh, I am so excited, because today is the day we are flying to Bali! The flight is tonight around 10 pm, so I have a couple of hours left to get some work done and, of course, to pack my bags. And packing my bags will probably take a lot of time because I have no idea what to bring to Bali. I didn’t have the time to prepare everything due to the trip to London I just came back from yesterday. So today will be all about unpacking and packing my bags. And in between, I will prepare some last blog posts so that there won’t be a too big lack of posts during our first days in Bali. Right now I don’t know when I will be able to share the first pictures from Bali. I plan to share at least the 24/7 post on Sunday as usual, and maybe I can also share another post this Friday – we will see.

I have two outfits I want to share with you this week, and I will share a first Bali-related post on Wednesday. So while I am packing my bags, you can now have a closer look at one of the outfits I want to share with you today. I was wearing it a couple of days ago when we worked half a day from home and were running errands and going to meetings the rest of the day.

Boyfriend Jeans casual chic styled

I can’t remember when I was last wearing these boyfriend jeans. Well, I can’t remember when was the last time I was boyfriend jeans in general. The pair of boyfriend jeans you can see me wearing here is my favorite, and I have no idea why I haven’t been wearing it for so long.


Anyways, as you can see, the other day was the day I decided to wear it again and here’s a little teaser: I was wearing it a lot since that day, so in tomorrow’s outfit post I will show you another way to wear boyfriend jeans. 😉

But back to the outfit, I am sharing with you today. As I mentioned before, I was spending most time of the day at home, so there was no need to put on anything but a pair of leggings and an oversized hoodie. But I also had some meetings in the afternoon, so I had to change my outfit and put on the one you can see me wearing here. After wearing leggings the first half of the day, I didn’t feel like wearing skinny jeans and my boyfriend jeans seemed to be the perfect solution. They are comfortable yet more suitable for a meeting. I also put on a black t-shirt as well as white sneakers. These pieces are all super comfy and casual, so I had to add at least one chic piece of clothing. I opted for a blazer I found on sale the other day. Whenever I don’t know what to wear and have to wear a casual chic outfit, I opt for a blazer. No matter what the rest of the outfit looks like, a blazer will make it look chicer, that’s for sure! To make the outfit look even chicer, I also put on my new choker from Majune as well as the rings and bracelets I am wearing every day. The bag is another chic piece that tops everything off.

Can you see how easy it is to put together a casual chic outfit?! How do you like this one?