I shared the last outfit post almost a week ago, so it’s time for a new one! These past weeks of the year have been super busy, and I actually didn’t have the time to plan everything Christmas or NYE related. I wanted to do a lot of outfit and beauty inspiration posts for the festive days, but time goes by so fast, and I failed organising anything x) Of course, I’ll share Christmas and NYE related content on the blog, but it won’t be as much as I first wanted to. I also didn’t have the time to prepare a proper blog post for the 5th birthday of the blog. The last year we always did a special shooting, and I wrote a lot about the past year and about what is coming next, but this year I absolutely failed. Anyways, the year is almost over and maybe I’ll do it better next year 😉

Let’s not only talk about my failures regarding all the plannings and preparations but also about the outfit I want to share with you today. It’s actually an outfit I was wearing a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t had the time to share it with you on the blog. Until now!

Green Jumper & Golden Jewellery

Green isn’t a colour I wear very often, maybe because my mother hates this colour, maybe because I don’t like every shade of green myself. I don’t like light green, but dark green can look very nice. Dark green reminds me of Christmas or rather of the Christmas tree 😉 It’s such a warm colour and goes perfectly with black. I probably wouldn’t wear green clothes in spring and summer, but definitely in autumn and winter. When I received this green Lee sweater the other day, I wasn’t sure whether I like the colour or not. But just because I wasn’t used to wearing green clothes. After I had tried it on, I wasn’t sceptical anymore; I actually liked the colour on me 🙂

The day after I received it I already decided to wear it. I combined it with the pair of Lee jeans I received as well, a white t-shirt and white sneakers. It’s a very casual and simple outfit because I was wearing it on a day at the office. And there’s no need to wear fancy stuff when I’m sitting at the office all day long 😉 I hope you’ll like the outfit anyways. Have a lovely day and don’t forget to leave me a comment to let me know what you think. xx

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Thank you Lee Jeans for the sweater and jeans