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The pictures I want to share with you were actually taken a couple of weeks ago when it was still warm und sunny in Berlin. But nevertheless, I want to share them with you today. I absolutely forgot about them and just rediscovered them while I was cleaning up my hard drive.

I know that it is too cold to wear most pieces of this outfit, but these pictures are not only about the outfit. They are about going walkies with Jimmy as well. During summer we usually go for a walk in a forest once a week and this summer I also took him with me on my runs. But since it’s getting colder, we’re not driving to the forest that often. It either is too cold or rainy or it’s still super muddy because it was raining the day or night before. So there are actually not a lot of perfect days to go for walkies in a forest. Of course, we still try to go outside as often as possible and to walk for more than 30 minutes, but even Jimmy doesn’t want to go outside when it’s cold or rainy. Additionally, I still go for runs with him. You see, the first challenge is to find a day (or daytime) when it’s not too cold or rainy or muddy. The second challenge is to find the perfect outfit for a walk with Jimmy. The outfit you can see in these pictures won’t be very helpful when you want to know what to wear during autumn and winter, but it’s perfect for the days when summer is about to end and autumn about to start.

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What to wear when going walkies

When we’re just going around the block, I don’t really care about what I’m wearing. But when we’re driving to a forest, I don’t want my outfit to look too comfortable. Of course, I don’t dress up that much, what I need is a comfortable yet stylish outfit. Choosing the right clothes for a walk with Jimmy isn’t that difficult because everything comfortable works. And, of course, I shouldn’t wear any pieces I don’t want to get dirty. That’s not a problem with most of my clothes, but it’s a problem when it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes. I can’t wear my white sneakers because they would be pretty dirty afterwards. And I can’t wear heeled shoes. I also don’t like wearing my boots. So there are actually not a lot of options… now that it’s getting colder I usually pick my UGG boots. I know, most of you probably don’t like UGGs, but I really do! They’re comfortable and can look stylish – it all depends on the outfit you choose. When wearing UGG boots, it’s all about the outfit combination. Combine them with sweatpants, and they’ll probably look shabby, but wear them with a nice pair of jeans or pants and they won’t!

In this case, I combined it with a white playsuit and a colourful kimono. You might say, that a white playsuit isn’t a good choice at all, but since I was wearing a kimono on top, it didn’t get dirty. What do you think about this look and the pictures we took together with Jimmy? xx

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