Yaaaay! Here it is, our Thailand video! Well, it’s not perfect, but it gives you the perfect idea of what our Thailand trip was like! 🙂 I split it into two parts: first Bangkok, second Phuket. You can see parts of the city, the night market we visited together with Luisa from Schere Leim Papier. It was so much fun, and as you can see in the video, I tried the “fish pedicure” for the first time. First, it was a bit scary, but you get used to the feeling after a while. I just don’t understand why they liked my legs that much x) More fishes were on my legs than on my feet haha. Have you ever tried a fish pedicure?

The Phuket part starts with a boat trip. We took it when we were on our way to Koh Yao Yai. 🙂 So actually, the Phuket part is starting with clips from Koh Yao Yai and not from Phuket.. You can see the dirt in the ocean, but I didn’t want to cover anything. It just how it is 😉 Why not telling and showing the truth? It’s beautiful anyways! And yes, we both don’t have a steady hand x) But we were walking around to capture everything 360° and we were filming with a GroPro. Have you ever tried to make steady videos with a GoPro? Damn it; I tried my best, and I usually don’t have such a problem when filming with my iPhone. Maybe I should practise more to get better 😉

Anyways, I don’t call me a professional when it comes to filming or editing videos as well as creating them. Every pro is welcome to help me out 😉 So please don’t judge me, I just hope you’ll enjoy the video anyways! xx