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It feels as if it has been weeks since Berlin Fashion Week, but two weeks ago was the busiest day of Fashion Week. Well, two weeks is quite a while as well but not as long ago as it actually feels. Anyways, today I am finally sharing the last Fashion Week outfit with you guys. And guess what? Even though I really like the other looks I was wearing during the Berlin Fashion Week as well, I think this one might be my favourite. And that’s because I always wanted a blazer dress, but I never found one that’s long enough until recently, AND I just LOVE my Balenciaga Triple S sneakers. And the combination of both is just perfect to me, and I felt so comfortable wearing it.

Combining a blazer dress and ugly sneakers for Fashion Week

The reason why I wanted a blazer dress so badly is that it is the perfect go-to piece when you don’t know what to wear and have to put on a somewhat chic outfit. A blazer dress always works, and it definitely speaks for itself, so you don’t have to wear anything else and just add a few accessories to complete your outfit. You can either dress it up or down only by changing the kind of shoes you are wearing as well as the accessories. As you can see, I opted for a sporty-casual-chic outfit for Berlin Fashion Week when I was wearing my new blazer dress for the very first time.

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To dress this blazer dress down a little bit and add a sporty touch, I combined it with my new Balenciaga sneakers, the Triple S sneakers. Last week I already shared an outfit with these sneakers, it was the very first one and, of course, I shared a few words about them. That’s why I won’t repeat everything and bore you with the reason why I just LOVE them today.

With this outfit, I want to give you another example of how perfectly the Triple S sneakers work with every outfit and how they make them all look more interesting. The blazer dress in combination with the sneakers works perfect, and I didn’t have to add a lot more details or accessories. So all I did was putting on a belt bag and my Chimi eyewear sunglasses, and that’s it. That’s how easy the outfit combination for my last Fashion Week outfit was.

Other ways to wear a blazer dress

The outfit I just shared is a mix of sporty, casual and chic. But you can, of course, wear it in many other ways. If you want to put together a chic outfit, I would recommend combining your blazer dress with a pair of high heels, bold earrings and maybe a lace shirt underneath. You could also combine it with boots, or even slides would work. Wear the slides if you like contrasts and want to dress down really. Maybe I will try this look soon; I think I might like it a lot. 🙂

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