Fashion Autumn 2022 – what’s new in the world of fashion?

The excitement is mounting immeasurably! The time has finally come, and autumn shows itself in all its glory. Outside, the leaves on the trees are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are noticeably cooler. The fashion world presents itself just as splendidly with its many new and exciting styles, and everyone wants to know which trend pieces to wear this season.

After a wonderfully warm summer with its distinctive colors and shapes, new, evolved trends are coming our way. The cuts stand out from the past, and the colors are just as appealing as the fabrics used. Here we present the details of what is in store for us.

Autumn shows its brightly colored side. Anything is allowed – the flashier the colors, the better. But at the same time, you can also be elegant. The contrast makes the difference. Suit trousers with creases are in, combined with figure-conscious blazers. Blazers are just as much a part of the autumn trends as fashionable pencil skirts and blouses with exciting shapes and sophisticated cuts. A fashion trend with a real wow effect!

In addition to the chic office outfit, the grunge look is also back and, as always, shows its casual side. Destroyed looks paired with a lot of wickedness – absolutely hot! Leather and denim fabrics are just as much part of the game as delicate fabrics.

In addition, autumn also presents itself in its most maximal form with maxi-length skirts, XXL blouses, and blazers. The absolute must-have for autumn is the extra-large maxi clutch — an eye-catcher par excellence.

This saying applies to many life situations and is often used with pleasure. Almost anything is possible, and what doesn’t fit is made to fit. It’s also a lovely saying that describes what’s absolutely IN this autumn because the contrasts are worth seeing. Elegant suit trousers with a crease worn with wide baggy jumpers in XXL style or jeans in a destroyed look are combined confidently with chic blazers in colorful plain colors.

The effect is sensational and, at the same time, wonderfully comfortable to wear. Whereas previous trends were often rather uncomfortable, this one is just the opposite – incredibly cozy. The street style carries over into the business look. The cold temperatures in autumn will be welcomed enthusiastically – but with fabulous outfits and in a very relaxed and casual way.

Autumn Trend 2022: the XXL look redefined

The autumn trends for 2022 mainly express themselves in the stylish oversized look. The XXL style is given a whole new definition. The jackets and coats are worn extra-wide and also have broad shoulder sections. The blazer in the oversized look is an absolute must-have because it is incredibly comfortable to wear and can be combined endlessly with jeans, skirts, and super-wide trousers. In doing so, it reinvents itself again and again.

Trousers are also at their best this season, as they, too, come in super large variants. They are available in almost every style, and you can choose between suit trousers – but with a crease, please -, fabric trousers, classic jeans in XXL, casual cargo trousers, and trousers made of leather.

This season, handbags go with the ultra-large style, and even the otherwise rather minimalist clutch is the ultimate trend piece this season in XXL. And the best thing about all this style in extra-wide? It emphasizes slim silhouettes and skilfully highlights them, while less advantageous body parts are discretely concealed.

Fashion Autumn 2022 – the fabrics

This autumn, different materials and fabrics are making their way into the fashion world, and previously used fabrics are being relaunched. The ever-popular denim fabric is, of course, back and shows itself in all its diversity. It is unbeatable as a pair of jeans, and this season it is available wide and casual. The sexy, destroyed look is an actual add-on and emphasizes the female legs extremely advantageously. The denim jacket is also back. It is considered the perfect transitional jacket and can be combined in many ways. The classic jacket comes in entirely new shapes and cuts with extra-wide shoulders and even balloon sleeves. A real gimmick is a belly-free version!

What absolutely must not be missing this autumn is leather in its entire range. Black smooth leather is just a part of it as trend pieces in beautiful brown tones. The leather style adapts perfectly to almost any direction. Anything is possible, whether with fringes in western style or in black for the trendy grunge look.

The preferred fabrics for the 2022 autumn trends also include gossamer satin. Shimmering and shiny, this noble fabric makes a powerful appearance on the catwalks of this world. We find it in pretty dresses, blouses, and elegant tops. This fabric, in particular, feels simply heavenly!

Fine twill is absolutely on trend this autumn. After endless months in the home office and on the couch at home, this is a “back-to-office” look that is well worth seeing. The tailored look is in, and gorgeous fabrics appear in chic suits and blazers paired with flashy colors. That presents a fundamental attitude to life after the gloomy pandemic times!

The autumn colors are spreading and are a real eye-catcher in all their variety. Flashy pink, Bordeaux red, and orange are all in the mix this season. In combination, they are hard to beat as a style break. It almost hurts the eyes – for example, pink combined with orange or red with bright purple – but that’s how we love it!

There’s also a trend toward black and shades of brown, and gorgeous cognac tones are very much in vogue. White is also part of the mix because sometimes completely plain white is simply divine. A real trend piece this season is the white tank top – perfect to combine with a skirt or jeans. You can find them all plain or also in ribbed form.

Floral prints & gorgeous batik prints

In the patterns of the autumn 2022 fashion trends, you can discover beautiful prints. Especially floral prints are available in countless designs. They add a touch of vintage and are a real eye-catcher. There are also beautiful blouses and tops with batik prints. This unique pattern makes a statement and is easy to combine.

Refined details meet unexpected elements

Breaking styles is the game’s name this season, and combinations are made to suit every whim—style with a sexy vibe combined effortlessly with elegant business outfits. Casual street style and the grunge look also make a comeback in wardrobes—XXL in its most beautiful form. But it is above all the countless details with a lot of sophistication that make it unique. Western-style fringes are just a part of it as delicate ruffles on blouses and dresses. Unexpectedly, you come across the most beautiful lacing on the trendy trench coat – who would have thought it?

The sensational cut-outs on tops, dresses, blouses and even blazers are always sexy. The fashion trend for autumn 2022 with its cut-outs isn’t just exceptionally feminine but also playful. Whether you prefer to wear the cut-outs on the side, the décolleté, or the back is, above all, a matter of taste – and, of course, depends on your physical assets. The cut-outs are a very skillful way of showing off your assets. The motto is “less is definitely more”!

Style breaks & contrasts

The most important thing this autumn season is the courage to break styles and the exciting contrasts that come into their own. The most garish colors and the most unusual styles are combined confidently. A first-class feeling – simply priceless!