I love summer and wouldn’t mind it being warm all year round. But autumn also has its advantages and brings a few things I look forward to. I will detail some of these things a little more below. The keyword here is coziness, whether it’s about activities, the home, or daily outfits. I asked my boyfriend what he is looking forward to in autumn, and if you want to know that, you’d better read to the end.

Cozy layering looks

As much as I love summer, I tend to prefer spring and autumn when it comes to putting outfits together. Hot summer days don’t allow much creativity because the focus is usually on putting together an outfit suitable for high temperatures. And in my case, that’s usually a top combined with a pair of shorts. So it’s not particularly exciting.

The cooler temperatures in autumn offer way more possibilities. The different layers make the outfits more exciting, and you can bring in more variety. Outerwear choices expand from tops and T-shirts to shirts, jumpers, waistcoats, jackets, and coats. And for exciting layering looks, you can fall back on several of these at once. Depending on the combination of the different garments, new looks always emerge, even if you always fall back on the same pieces.

I’m thrilled every year when the temperatures drop again, and I can be creative again with my outfits. At the same time, autumn outfits are always a bit cozier than summer outfits, another thing I can’t complain about.

Cozy walks outdoors

I always like to be outside in the fresh air and go for walks, no matter what time of the year. In autumn, however, when the leaves change color and everything glows colorfully in the sunshine, it’s still the most fun. Especially in the morning, when everything is quiet, and hardly anyone is out on the streets. In Berlin, this is almost the only time when you have the slight feeling of a bit of deceleration within the city.

Of course, you don’t always get up so early, but the forests offer this feeling, and the autumnal look also comes into its own much more here, as everything around you lights up colorfully. If you’re still leaning toward the autumn blues, give it a try. Wear an extra cozy outfit when the sun comes out and go for a walk in the forest or a park near you.

Series marathons

With Netflix and co. we have an oversupply of series, and there is always something new to discover. While you spend evenings outside in summer, this can get a bit uncomfortable in autumn. That is, therefore, the perfect time to make yourself comfortable at home and finally watch all the series you have on your list. And without a guilty conscience or FOMO.

Every year, countless new series are being released, but I personally always start old series in autumn, such as Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, or O.C. California. For me, these three series belong to the year’s colder months, just like comfort food, hot chocolate, tea, and candles.

As far as new series are concerned, I must first bring myself up to date. Maybe you have some tips for me? What are you currently watching, or do you have on your list? Or do you also prefer to watch older series and films in autumn?

Cozy up on the sofa or in bed

And since we have already mentioned series marathons, everything that goes with them must, of course, also be said. After all, what would a series marathon be without snuggling up on the sofa or in bed? The more pillows and blankets, the better. Gone are summer sweating days, but you also don’t have to be cold.

Whether you’ve made yourself cozy for a series marathon or read a good book, hot chocolate, or a delicious tea should not be missing. Depending on the time of day, I’d go for coffee or matcha first, but it’s always tea in the evening.

If you have baked something at home beforehand and have something delicious to snack on, nothing is missing for perfect cozy hours at home in the warm while it gets cooler outside. So I’m looking forward to it. What about you guys?


These are the things my boyfriend looks forward to most in autumn

A little note from me (Jacky) in advance: for us, autumn has been the time we fly to Bali for years. In that sense, we more or less escape autumn in Germany, a thing I always look forward to insanely, too, of course. I’m sure many of you also go on the last rather summery holiday in autumn, and of course, you’re also looking forward to it immensely. But enough about me, I’ll leave you to Rob’s words below:

I am most looking forward to the upcoming trip to Bali. Back to the origin of many of our projects and a place where I can regenerate and prepare for 2023. In addition, the time difference allows me to work in a concentrated way without the day-to-day business in Germany, which only starts when we have enjoyed the day in peace.

As I write this paragraph, our new project, byhannahliza, is coming up, which has grown very close to my heart due to the circumstances and where the whole team has done an excellent and outstanding job.

I am also delighted to be able to run this fashion blog besides my actual job as a programmer, where almost 80% of the photos are mine.

I love digging through the archives and looking at my (more or less) “good” work from the past and comparing it with the photos from today.

As an SEO from the “first” hour, I am proud to have grown with this blog. I look forward to “raising” this blog a notch higher during the mentioned Bali holiday in autumn, optimizing the texts for the reader even better, and redesigning the blog.